Friday, July 11, 2008

Medical Team has left

The medical team left really early this morning to go back to the USA. The team was able to help about 1,000 people. After Cha de Alegria they went to Pauldalo then to the Dump in Carpina. Here are some pictures from the Dump.

The medical teams started seeing people at the Dump in 2006. Before they helped out there, the local medical clinics wouldn't go there. But now since this ministry took the step to help this community the local medical clinic sends people there each month.

Dr. Taylor was able to sit down and talk with the local medical clinic staff after the Dump clinic. The staff usually only stays an hour and a half and sees 200 people. They said it was very good and amazing to see the US team take their time with each person and the love that the team showed toward the people.

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