Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 12 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Laura Hedrick
This is Laura’s first trip to Brasil and one of her highlights has been the English camp. “I loved being with the kids and seeing their eagerness to meet us and learn. I saw how much they wanted to communicate with us. It was cool how they helped us learn their language and how they learned ours.” While here, Laura has been learning many lessons about her faith. “God has shown me that I can do anything through Him. I have to fill myself with the Holy Spirit and God’s word so I can better teach others about it. God has taught me that He is always there and when I obey him, I’ll be blessed through that.”

Chris Hanselman
On Chris’s first trip to Brasil, the thing that has stuck out to him has been the food. “It’s a lot different. The food is more bland because there’s not as much salt, and there is a lot of rice.” Chris has been helping with the English camp and with construction projects around the Alcance. “It was fun getting to work on the wall and being able to say that I helping make that. I felt like I was able to do something.” While here, Chris has been enjoying the devotional studies on the book of Acts. “It’s nice to have quiet time in the morning to get my thoughts in order. I like studying Acts and getting to see real life people working for God. It’s not just a story, and I can apply it to my life.”

Noah Parker

On Noah’s first trip to Brasil, he has been struck by the kindness of the Brazilian people. “I didn’t expect the people to be so nice. They are very welcoming and helpful, especially Duda. I feel bad sometimes because I am here to serve, but Duda always ends up helping me out.” Noah has also been enjoying the beautiful countryside and the food, especially the steak. “It’s extremely rare, but really good!” While here, Noah has also had the opportunity to see parts of Brasil while riding on the bus, including the homes of many people. “It’s just amazing that people can live in these conditions while we complain even though we have all we need. I am learning to appreciate all I have back in America, especially toilet paper...”

Day 12 Activities

This morning was pretty much our last day of our set routine. We had personal time with God and then small group. Today we are trying to wrap up the projects that we have been working on over the last few days. Due to the weather, it is taking a little longer to get the Alcance’s perimeter fence painted. Overall, the weather has been very nice, with light rain showers almost everyday. In the evening, we performed Shout! in Carpina’s town square. What an experience! A band performed before us and a choir sang after us. We were able to witness to a large number of people as they walked around downtown.

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