Wednesday, April 06, 2011

English as Evangelism, Africa and More Come to Christ

English brings in over 70 people to the church of Acacias

This year the Community Church of Acacias has expanded its English classes and church services to two times a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Right after the English classes finish they have a church service in English with a translator, to bring the word of God to those that came to the class, but would normally never go to church. We have three churches right now that have English as an outreach and would love to have even more, if we had the staff.

Emily and Lindsay show how to play chubby bunny during an English event.

March for Jesus

The churches in Lagoa de Itaenga (Pastor Ricardo’s town) are gearing up to do a huge city wide prayer walk through the town. They have called all the churches from the community and the surrounding cities to participate. The event will take place in June.

Come to Christ

Flavio was thrilled and is excited to see what God is going to do in his life.

The Living Stones program in Cajueiro Claro has been going strong for several months now and out of that has sprung up church services on Friday nights. Pastor Flavio (who runs Living Stones) has been inviting the people from the community to come. He always makes sure to stop and talk with the town drunk to invite him and he always says he will try to come.
This last Friday he actually came and told Flavio he would like to come again. Flavio was thrilled and is excited to see what God is going to do in his life. At the same service a man from the community told Flavio he was very sad because he could not participate in the communion bread and drink yet. He told Flavio that he knows what he needs to do and wants to come to Christ soon.

Similarly, Pastor Asuério Naque in Ameixas has been inviting a man addicted to drugs to church for more than three years. A few months ago this man finally came to church and gave his life to Christ. He is currently in the discipleship program.

His heart has always been for the Portuguese speaking country of Mozambique

Pastor Asuério will be going to Mozambique Africa in July. His heart has always been for the Portuguese speaking country of Mozambique. This 20 day trip will be the preparation trip for his family to move to Africa. Their goal is to get to Africa in 2012. In July, Asuério will be starting in south Mozambique then move on to the middle of the country for a week long pastor's conference. He also plans on spending time in the mainly Muslim northern region of Mozambique, where he has a strong desire to plant community churches.

Please pray for this trip and please consider how you might be able to help Asuério financially.  For the July trip he needs R$2,500 ($1,560). He has raised R$600 ($375) from the community churches in Brazil, a difficult task because most of the churches are in poor communities.  You can donate online here.