Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 15 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day

Sarah Wells
This is Sarah’s first trip to Brasil, and she is finding the transition into another culture a little challenging. “It’s a very different culture. Things that are acceptable in America are not always acceptable in Brasil, and it’s hard to remember all of them.” Despite the challenges, Sarah is realizing how much she is needed here. “When we were sweeping the parking lot and cleaning the walls, it seemed pointless at first. But, when you get done, you can see the difference and you realize ho much you have done.” Besides serving around the Alcance, Sarah is helping out with the English camp and performing in SHOUT. She would like to add that, “I miss my mom, especially when I talk to her or here about her, but I’m having fun.”

Paul Lappe
This is Paul’s first trip to Brasil. He enjoyed getting to know some of the folks at the Alcance. “The one thing I enjoyed about Brasil is the people. Like Lucas and Jonas- they are so nice and fun to be around.” Also Paul is really moved by watching the people’s faces during Shout! "I could see that they were getting the message even though they were reading a translation.” The Lord did a mighty work in Paul’s life on the trip, “The Lord was leading me to give my testimony and to get baptized while in Brasil. It was an awesome moment.”

Day 15 Activities

Today was filled with lots of packing, preparation, last minute flip flop factory and Guaraná runs plus a stop over for Mike to see the French Fry lady and the Churro man…. Pastor Paul wrapped up the trip talking about spiritual things that had taken place on the trip as well as some tips on getting acclimated back into the routine at home. While the Alcance was a buzz with preparation for leaving, Steve Turner headed for the airport after a 34 day stay in Brazil. That evening, the staff at the Alcance prepared a feast for us including steaks, kabobs, and cinnamon pineapple on the grill plus brownies and Ice cream plus a wonderful pineapple dessert. We enjoyed ourselves at Tele and Heather’s place including swing dancing and a few rousing games of duck-duck-goose. (yes.. that's right..) That evening, the Taylors (Emily and Paul) went to the airport for their trip home and the rest of the group finalized their packing for the next big day.

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