Monday, January 22, 2007

What are you doing this summer?

Summer is coming! That means it’s time to sign up for the summer Brazil mission trip. The medical team needs volunteers for the trip, June 30th through July 7th, to reach the physical and spiritual needs of people. There will also be an English camp/ construction trip July 11th through July 25th. Come join with others on both or one of the trips this summer. You will be glad you did. Call Steven Turner for more information at (317) 840-1270. The tickets will need to be purchased by April 15. If you have a desire to go and be used by God give us a call as soon as possible.

We’re looking forward to what God will do this summer.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

2007 News

A total of 30 students are currently enrolled in the International School.

Among the 30 students we have:

a catholic nun’s adopted daughter enrolled.

Jaciel’s brother (a very wealthy Cattle owner) is sending his child.

The owner of the local construction store his sending his children.

When people with a Catholic background come to visit the school now and ask about there religious viewpoints, Tele likes to point out that they have a Catholic nun’s adopted daughter enrolled. The nun took her daughter out of the Catholic school to enroll her in the International School.

The city government of Trancuenahem gave the Community Church there really good Land near the city Government building.

The community Church of Paudalho has been having standing room only church services for the last month.

The Baptist Church in southern Brazil that sponsored the Word of Life Emme group to come to the Northeast is now planning a Short-term missions trip in Jan 08 to build a church. The church that they will be building is The Community Church of Ameixas located in the interior of Northeast Brazil.

Please continue to Pray for the Pastors and staff or World Renewal Brazil as God is truly doing a great work in this region.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Lord is at work in Brazil! I want to share with you the ways I saw God at work that you couldn’t get from the other blog spot (if you would like more details on what we did in Brazil on a day to day bases you can go to ) I had 4 main prayer requests when I was preparing for this trip. First was that I could get all of my school work done before I left and that when I got back, I could catch up what I had missed while I was gone. I finished my research paper just before I left, which was one of my main concerns. When I returned from the trip, all of my teachers were extremely helpful and merciful while I attempted to get all of my homework turned in. My finals were in less than a week when I got back, but praise God, I passed all of my classes. The second prayer request I had was that our team would work well together, especially since a lot of us on the team had never meet, and wouldn’t until we arrived in Brazil. Everyone on the team worked so well together. The team couldn’t have been better. We had just the right number of people, with just the right skills needed on the trip. Thirdly, I prayed that God would be able to use me in the way in which he wanted. The first several days I helped Kenny with building the jungle gym. This was an area that I wasn’t expecting to help in, but I was able to be used, and I praise God for that. I then spent my time helping out and participating in the conference. This was the first music conference they have had and it couldn’t have gone better. Not only did I get to see the Lord working through me, but through everyone on the entire team. We had exactly the right number of people with the right skills.

My last prayer request I had for the trip was that God could really reaffirm my call to missions as well as show me the possibilities that would be available to me through playing my saxophone. I got the privilege of playing with the worship team on 2 Sundays, during the 7 times we meet for the conference, before a school play (for background music), at one of the churches for a “special” music, and just jamming with the guys before and after the services. My lip was so tired! But the joy of getting to play with all of them was worth it. During the trip I gave my testimony of struggling with going the Barclay College in Haviland, Kansas to study missions, or going to study music elsewhere. I have chosen to go to Barclay next year knowing that God has called me there and there is no place better to be than where God wants you. After giving my testimony Frank had all of the pastors and those I had played with to pray for me. This was a really powerful moment for me on the trip. It reaffirmed my choice to go to Barclay, to go on the trip, and my call to missions. All of the pastors in Brazil are great leaders and men of God. It was encouraging to get to spend time with and get to know many of the pastors during the conference as well as get to see some of them pastor their church. Tele served as our host and interpreter (for most of the time) during the trip. He is a strong leader and a man of God. It was a great joy to get to know him and his family. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. The trip couldn’t have gone better. I was greatly encouraged by the trip and cannot wait to go back, the Lord willing.

Post by Seth Binford