Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 10 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Casey Ruble

Casey is really enjoying her first trip to Brasil and doesn’t want to leave. “The people down here are so different from Americans. They are so spirited and full of life and I really like that.” Casey’s favorite part of the trip has been performing SHOUT and she is looking forward to performing it in more places. While in Brasil, God has also been teaching Casey about trust. “Going out to different places and being in the Brazilian communities gives you an interesting feeling, not scary, but very different. I am learning to fully trust in Him since I don’t have parents down here to protect me and to confide in. I have to remember that no matter who is around me, He is constant.”

Justin Cochran

On Justin’s first trip to Brasil, he has been surprised by the food. “I actually like their food, especially Sylvia’s food.” Sylvia is our cook here at the Alcance and Justin spent the first week helping prepare the food in the kitchen with Sylvia. “Sylvia is fun to joke around with. We like to tease each other and its always fun working with her.” Besides helping cook, Justin has been working on construction projects around the Alcance. “Working with the Brazilians is fun and I really get the feeling that I’m helping them. They are always working and it’s great that I get to be a part of that.” Justin has also been learning about staying focused. “God has been telling me to stay focused on doing stuff to glorify Him, not just for fun. It’s also been really cool to watch how people on this trip have grown closer to God. That is really cool to watch.”

Chris Madren

One thing Chris has noticed on his first trip to Brasil is the drivers. “They don’t stop. They just keep going no matter what.” Chris enjoyed working with the students at the English camp and performing SHOUT for the pastors and English camp students. “The kids were so into it and the whole crowd was interactive.” While in Brasil, Chris says he has been getting closer to his friends here and learning a lot about his faith. “I am learning to be bolder with my faith in talking with my friends and I am learning to be a witness instead of being just like everyone else.”

Day 10 Activities

After our morning meal, we went to devotions and small group. We studied to first part of Acts Chapter 6. Following that, the work projects resumed, many that were the same from yesterday. We cleaned up and got ready for the musical, but before we left, we had a small worship time. At 6pm everyone left for Lagoa de Iteanga. One of the pastors there showed us the plot of land in they hope to build a new church building.

Shout! was put on in an open air school gymnasium. This way, many of the students were able to come to the musical. We counted over 500 people there! The cast did an outstanding job staying focused through all of the distractions. Even if just one life was touched by our presentation, it is all worth it. When it was over, all of the cast were asked for autographs and were treated like movie stars….

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