Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Post by Tele Moraes

Here we are. September is around the corner and the summer holidays are literally over. Down in Brazil July is always a time for us to see God doing great things among His people. We gather together, Community Churches in this country work with members of the Community Churches of Central Indiana. It has been like that since the first Short Term Missions trip in 1993 in the very beginning of the Carpina Church. It was no different this year. The Lord poured His blessings daily as we joined forces to reach the lost and mature believers in Northeast Brazil. The Holy Spirit once more strengthened the group through his power. Jesus’ love was shared by words and deeds once again.

During the first week of the Medical Clinic they saw more than 800 people in Lagoa de Itaenga, a town where Pastor Ricardo is planting one of our newest Community Churches. Everyone who came had the opportunity to hear the Good News. Doctors, nurses, and support staff ministered through personal testimonies (Dr. Taylor alone told them about his journey with the Savior at least five times), preaching of the Word of God, on a personal basis, as well as public presentations of the Gospel. On the last day we took the whole group to the “big dump” in Carpina. That is a place where people try to survive collecting trash. Life conditions are subhuman, but their souls suffer from an even worse condition than their bodies as they desperately need the Lord. The team was so focused on the mission and so loving to the people that the impact caused by them in the community still echoes two months later. I am sure many started investigating the Gospel by what they heard and saw in Jesus-folks that day.

Youth Conference was the next challenge for the new group of nearly 30 young people and their leaders who came to minister for two weeks. They work very hard for three straight days, getting the last details taking care of. As the Conference took place and those kids begin to teach the material, they made an impression in all of us. Their love for Christ combined with the determination to accomplish God’s call in their lives give the Brazilian kids an incredible sense of responsibility to live a deeper relationship with Christ.

English Camp took place under a lot of expectations from all of us. Once more the Lord used the team in a very special way and a boy by the name of Felipe gave his life to Jesus.

The highlight for our pastors and elders was the Leaders Conference with Pastor Hubert Nolen from Brookville Road Community Church. The Lord spoke to all of us and we were challenged deeply from the Word of God.

I want to thank all of you who came to Brazil this summer, as well as those who faithfully prayed for their ministry and helped them financially to make their trip possible. You were a blessing in God’s hands and His people were strengthened because of your obedience. May the Lord richly bless you.

In Him,

Tele Moraes

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Post by Steven Turner

I am Steven Turner, field rep for World Renewal Brazil. I want to thank everyone for their prayers for the summer season and the various short-term mission trips we had. I went to South Africa to visit with Pastor Assuerio, the Brazilian missionary who has been living in Africa for 15 months. My main goal was to see how he was doing and how we could help. After spending a week with him and his family, it was made clear to us that they needed to return to Brazil for a time. The leadership in Africa was poorly assisting his family and Assuerio needs more support.

I could see the impact that Assuerio is having though. I was able to meet a great young man whom Assuerio had led to the Lord. I also met with AssuerioÂ’s Bible class. They were really sorry to see him go. Keep praying forAssuerioo and his family (see the blog-post after this to see the latest news).

At this time I am working to raise AssuerioÂ’s support to the $1500 a month level. South Africa people mostly get about by personal car. In the week I was there, I only saw two taxies and two buses. It is dangerous to walk more than a couple of blocks.

Please send any financial support to:

World Renewal International
P.O. Box 399
Greenfield, IN 46140
Earmark for Pastor Assuerio

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bits of Blessing

Acacias Community Church

The community Church of Acacias continues to grow. There have been new faces almost every week.

Last Sunday there were several visitors, including a family that hadn’t stepped foot in a church in a very long time. The woman’s father was a protestant pastor and her husband grew up Catholic. When they got married they stopped attending any kind of church. Now that they have children, they want a change. They said we don’t have a church, or a religion, and we don’t want that for our children.

They got very excited about the church. They were both interested in the school and the outreach of the food baskets that the church gives to the poor in the community. The husband already wants to tell everyone he knows about the ministry. The husband, a well-known businessman in the area, said I’ll advertise for you, you need to get the word out about your church!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Brazil by Caleb Ross Hunter

Peace of Brazil

Young and old together

People all so real

Loving one another

Living what life is

Time goes very slow

Under cloud of rain

Or under heat we know

With no complaint of pain

Living as only one

Beautiful land around

Giving waters of life

That only Brazilians found

In one who ends all strife

Living life in Him in brazil

Brazil is so amazing! The whole experience is something that I’ll never forget. We had so much fun; I’m definitely going to miss it. The Lord did some amazing work through us!

Rachel Sexton

My experience in Brazil has been a time of growth in my relationship with Jesus and with fellow believers in Christ. There are many events that took place that will always remain close in my heart, but I will for sure, never forget the wonderful roommates I had – Sarah, Mary, & Emily Dewing (plus a few extra sleepovers). I will never forget both the hilarious and serious conversations we had each night in our room! Thanks for being an encouragement in my life! I love you ladies!

Josie Potter