Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 8 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Andrew Gregory
This is Andrew’s first trip to Brasil and he has enjoying the culture of Brasil. “I really enjoy the open buildings and the openness of the different shops all along the streets.” Andrew also has been enjoying the work he is doing down here. “I love this side of ministry – being here and doing work for God. It’s like I’m getting to put my words into actions.” Andrew said that while he has been here, God has been teaching him to be more spiritually aware in every situation. “With everything that has gone differently than planned, we’re constantly relying on Him through prayer so that we can do His work.”

Leah Nebb

This is Leah’s first trip to Brasil and she is noticing all the attention. “I didn’t realize how much we would stick out. The people really study you and they notice what you do.” Leah has really been enjoying the English camp and all the little projects. “The kids were so excited to be there. They were excited to jump on us, play with us, and just be with us. I really feel like I’m helping and contributing.” In addition to the work, Leah is really enjoying the devotional studies on the book of Acts. “I love learning about the excitement of the early church and how bold they were with their faith. It really ties in with the message of SHOUT. It’s just so amazing being here in Brasil because there aren’t as many distractions. During the worship times, you can really feel God’s presence.”

Day 8 Activities

We began a new routine today: a late breakfast followed by devotions, small group, than service projects. Some of the projects included painting, laundry, cementing, sweeping, and others. In the afternoon, we left early to head to the town of Ameixas. It was a two-hour journey, but with fun laughing, the ride went fast. At Ameixas, we set up the Shout! equipment and handed out flyers for the performance. The facility there was gorgeous. It was neat to see the church that many of us had donated money towards. As for the performance, we had technical difficulties, but made it through. Everyone was very appreciative the message. Once we returned to the Alcance, there was an amazing time of worship. It is so awe-inspiring to think that the same Spirit that moved through the early church, which we continue to study, is moving through us during this time.

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