Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 11 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Luke Wesseling

Luke is enjoying his first trip to Brasil, especially all the soccer. “I like playing. I never played in America and here I play everyday.” Another highlight for Luke has been the English camp. “I liked the eagles vs. giants rivalry and all my sixth graders. The kids were fun and easy to play with. They thought you were cool no matter what you did.” In addition to working with the kids in the English camp, Luke has been learning about relying on God. “During one of the quiet times, I was reading in Acts and a verse really jumped out at me. I realized that I was relying too much on my talents and strengths instead of relying on God and what He has planned for me.”

Josh Fern

While on his second trip, Josh has been playing lots of soccer. “I really enjoy playing soccer with the Brazilians and getting to know them better.” Josh is also looking forward to going back to Carpina and performing SHOUT. While here in Brasil, Josh has been learning a lot. “I wasn’t going on this trip for the right reasons and the first night of worship changed that for me. This trip has helped get me back on track with God. I’ve been learning basically what the musical teaches. I need to be more bold with my faith and I need to live it out everywhere.”

Day 11 Activities

Some people were a little slow getting out of bed this morning, but the unique baked bananas at breakfast were fun to start the day off with. Devotions went well, followed by small group. We learned our work details and got to work. Painting, moving, sorting, cleaning, washing and constructing continued to take place. After lunch, the rest of the afternoon was free time. Some played soccer and other games, talked, or napped. After a prayer session, we left for Tacunhaem, where church members fed us supper. Shout! was performed in an open air gymnasium. The attendance of the event was our highest yet! We continually pray that lives will be touched not just tonight, but contacts will be made and each community church will grow. Once we had safely gotten back, the snack bar was opened and many played games.

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