Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 7 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionary of the Day:
Paul Taylor

This is Paul’s third trip to Brasil and he has been playing a lot of soccer with the Brazilians. “Brazilians are so competitive. They never get down and I like playing with that competitiveness.” In addition to playing soccer, Paul has been helping with the various construction projects around the Alcance. “Building the wall for the play area was cool because I’d never really done anything like that before.” While here, God has been teaching Paul about patience. “Not being patient has always been one of my downfalls and here in Brasil everything goes a lot slower and it’s not as planned out. I’m learning the power of prayer, so when I get frustrated I have to settle down and just pray about it.” Paul would like to add, “The steak place was awesome. That was the most and best tasting steak I’ve ever had in one setting.”

Katie Romoser

Katie has been learning a lot on her second trip. “I’m taking in more of the culture, land, and people this time. It’s more personal and I am more open to the differences in the cultures rather than shocked by them.” Katie has really enjoyed the English camp. “It was a great experience interacting and connecting with the students. It’s cool seeing that we are similar even though we live in different countries.” In addition to all she has been doing, Katie is learning important lessons about prayer. “I have been learning how to bring my requests before God and how to start praying more for others and not just for myself.” Katie looks forward to all the opportunities that the trip will still present and says she is thankful that she is able to come back and serve in Brasil again.

Day 7 Activities

Today was a sightseeing/tourist day. We traveled to Recife where we toured an old jail that is now an indoor market. We also visited Olinda and some open-air markets, vendors, and shops. There were many old historic buildings there. Dinner was AMAZING! We called it “The Meat Place.” At this unique restaurant, the servers brought slabs of meat to your table. There was a HUGE salad bar. Plus, it was all-you-can-eat! The variety of meats, seafood, desserts, fruits and veggies were exquisite.

When we came back to the Alcance, we had a great worship service. We sang songs and really grew closer together. What a cool experience this whole trip has been so far!

Please continue to pray for our strength as we move through our trip.

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