Monday, August 24, 2009

Lagoa de Itaenga English class outreach

(Last Sunday the young girl Wildauwany was able to go to church because her parents let her. This is a huge answer to prayer. Keep praying that her parents will continue to let her come to church and church activities.)

Last semester the pastor of Lagoa de Itaenga pastor Ricardo Silva asked Jeff & Lindsay Turner to start an English class on Saturdays at the church.The class had about 20 people in it and we did not charge for them to come. We did however expect a lot from them and attendance was strict. Every 2 weeks we would also have a fun event evening similar to a youth group night. During those nights we would always present the gospel in some way either by a bible study or mini sermon or through a story. Jeff and Lindsay were able to develop a good relationship with the core group of the class. The core group was about 9 people that always came to every single event.

This is part of the core group that came and helped out for the July Short-term Medical trip.

While Jeff and Lindsay were in the US for Jeff’s sister’s wedding the young girl in the core group accepted Jesus into her heart. Her name is Wildauwany. Her parents have been reluctant to let her come to the English classes or the youth group nights. Her parents are very Catholic and don't like their kids going to a different church even for a class. She has been sneaking out sometimes to come to events at the church. Pastor Ricardo has talked to her parents and has been encouraging Wildauwany to obey her parents. Please pray that her parent's will start allowing her to come to class and to the youth group nights.

We are about to start English classes for this semester. We already have about 50 people and we are splitting them up into 3 different levels. Emily Taylor will join us this semester as the highest level teacher, Lindsay Turner will be teaching the intermediate level, and Ricardo along with the help of Jeff Turner will be teaching the beginner level.