Friday, December 19, 2008

Lagoa de Itaenga Construction

The Church in Lagoa De Itaenga has been blessed and was able to purchase 2 plots of land. They were soon blessed again from a large donation and they have been hard at work constructing the Church building. They have been working for about 6 weeks now and 3 of those weeks were spent on digging the foundation. The soil in the area is extremely tough to dig in.
From Lagoa De Itaenga Church Construction
They pour water into the foundation ditch to soften the soil.
From Lagoa De Itaenga Church Construction

They plan on having a big auditorium for the service and then a classroom on the side. Right now they have most of the walls up for the classroom and bathrooms area.
From Lagoa De Itaenga Church Construction

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad economy?

Even though there is a lot of bad news about the US economy the value of the dollar has gone up or the value of the Real has gone down. What this means is it is a good time to give to the Brazil ministry. 1 month ago the exchange rate was $1 us dollar to R$1.5 Brazilian Real. Now it is hovering around $1 to R$2.5. This is huge and means the money you donate goes twice as far as last month. Praise God in this time of economic trouble.

Monday, September 08, 2008


The seminary is now accredited by the Associacao Evangelica de Educacao Teologica na America Latina (AETAL) 2008.

Praise God! This will bring a lot more students to the seminary and is a big step for the ministry. Pray that God will continue to bless the students and the people they impact. We are currently working on gathering a list of students and information about their college track and goals. We are trying to make it easier to sponsor a Church planting pastor from the very beginning.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

BRCC Mission Team Returns Home Safely!

We made it! With all people in tow and a few items of lost luggage, the BRCC mission team returned home safely to the warm embrace of family and friends. Thank you so much for your prayers and support during our time in Brasil. The Lord was exceedingly faithful in all He commissioned and appointed us to do while in Brasil. We look forward to sharing the joy of our trip this Sunday, August 3rd! If you are not able to join us, you can download the .mp3 recording at on Monday.


Day 16 BRCC Mission Trip

Day 16 Activities

This morning we are finishing up packing, room cleaning, replacing desks in the international school classrooms, moving mattresses to be returned and separating sheets and pillows that we will leave here for future use. We’ll enjoy a brunch at 10 am followed by final room inspection and closing comments from the staff. At 11:30 we will begin loading our stuff on the bus and saying our good-byes to the Alcance staff. Our flight is scheduled to leave at 4:05 from Recife. We’ll see you in Indy on day 17!

Day 15 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day

Sarah Wells
This is Sarah’s first trip to Brasil, and she is finding the transition into another culture a little challenging. “It’s a very different culture. Things that are acceptable in America are not always acceptable in Brasil, and it’s hard to remember all of them.” Despite the challenges, Sarah is realizing how much she is needed here. “When we were sweeping the parking lot and cleaning the walls, it seemed pointless at first. But, when you get done, you can see the difference and you realize ho much you have done.” Besides serving around the Alcance, Sarah is helping out with the English camp and performing in SHOUT. She would like to add that, “I miss my mom, especially when I talk to her or here about her, but I’m having fun.”

Paul Lappe
This is Paul’s first trip to Brasil. He enjoyed getting to know some of the folks at the Alcance. “The one thing I enjoyed about Brasil is the people. Like Lucas and Jonas- they are so nice and fun to be around.” Also Paul is really moved by watching the people’s faces during Shout! "I could see that they were getting the message even though they were reading a translation.” The Lord did a mighty work in Paul’s life on the trip, “The Lord was leading me to give my testimony and to get baptized while in Brasil. It was an awesome moment.”

Day 15 Activities

Today was filled with lots of packing, preparation, last minute flip flop factory and Guaraná runs plus a stop over for Mike to see the French Fry lady and the Churro man…. Pastor Paul wrapped up the trip talking about spiritual things that had taken place on the trip as well as some tips on getting acclimated back into the routine at home. While the Alcance was a buzz with preparation for leaving, Steve Turner headed for the airport after a 34 day stay in Brazil. That evening, the staff at the Alcance prepared a feast for us including steaks, kabobs, and cinnamon pineapple on the grill plus brownies and Ice cream plus a wonderful pineapple dessert. We enjoyed ourselves at Tele and Heather’s place including swing dancing and a few rousing games of duck-duck-goose. (yes.. that's right..) That evening, the Taylors (Emily and Paul) went to the airport for their trip home and the rest of the group finalized their packing for the next big day.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 14 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Alex Romoser
When asked about his first trip to Brasil, Alex said, “Well I have never seen wild ducks roaming a town before.” Alex has been working on various construction projects around the Alcance and he is enjoying working with all the people who work at the Alcance. “It’s cool to see how much the people work and how they are so pumped about the Alcance and the work they are doing down here.” In addition to his work down here, Alex has been growing. “When I’m here, I am able to take the focus off myself and see the bigger picture. God is teaching me that I need to stop just having head knowledge and I need to make it heart knowledge.”

Eli Parker
On Eli’s first trip to Brasil, he has been enjoying the differences in the culture as well as the beautiful countryside and the people. “I love to help these people and that motivates me to work.” While on the trip, Eli says that God has really been speaking to him. “God’s been helping me sort my life out and giving my directions. I came here with a lot of questions and God has been giving me answers. One time during worship, God really just told me that he loved me and that answered so many questions. It felt really great.”

Sarah Taylor

Sarah is enjoying many things about her first trip to Brasil, including the hills, the frogs, and the food. “I love how creative Sylvia is with leftovers.” Sarah has been having fun working with everyone during the English camp and SHOUT performances. “I love working with everyone and knowing that we are working together for a good cause.” While here, Sarah has also been enjoying the devotionals. “I am learning different ways of study so I can find my favorite way for when I do my devotions at home. I have gotten a lot closer to God through the devotions and just being with all the people.”

Day 14 Activities
Today was free day began with a quick breakfast followed by loading the bus for a beach a few miles North of Recife. It was a welcome break for us as we had presented Shout! for the last time on this trip and are winding down the projects at the Alcance. We first went to a beach for snorkeling but because the tide was too high, we spent some time shopping and browsing the beach shops. After that, we loaded the bus and headed to another beach to ride the waves and body surf. The waves were fantastic and everyone had a great time. We boarded the bus and came back to the Alcance around dinner time.

Day 13 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:
Sarah Brown
This is Sarah’s first time in Brasil and she finds it really different from America but “it’s easy to catch on.” Her favorite part of the trip has been performing SHOUT at the Alcance. “It was cool to see people that I recognized and to see the people getting into the performance.” While in Brasil, Sarah has been learning about working for the Lord. “It doesn’t really matter what work you’re doing. You just have to remember that it’s all for Him, and if I’m working for God, I need to do my best.”

Logan Lane

This is Logan’s first trip to Brasil, and he is loving every aspect of the trip. He has been doing a lot of painting as well as helping out with the English camp and SHOUT. Logan has really been struck by how much God has changed him during this trip. “Before I cam on the trip, I was on the edge about following God 100%. I was worried about raising the money and I was worried that I wouldn’t get to go. But, God showed that He would provide and now I’m on fire. It’s awesome. I have changed a lot and I can’t wait to get home and share how this trip has changed my life.”

Jenna Brewer
This is Jenna’s first trip to Brasil and she found it surprising that there is so much English writing all over the place. Jenna has been performing in the musical SHOUT and she has really enjoyed this experience. “It’s cool that even though they can’t understand what we’re saying, they get the point of the musical. Their faces show that they understand what’s going on.” While here, Jenna has also enjoyed the devotional studies and the times of worship. “The worship is very cool. They aren’t just worship services because people actually think about what they are saying.”

Day 13 Activities

After breakfast, we worshiped with the church that is held here at the Alcance. Logan, Eli, and Paul each gave their testimony. As an act of dedicating their life to Christ, all three of them got baptized during the service!! The afternoon had soccer, volleyball, swimming, naps, and other relaxing activities. That evening, we went to the Community Church in Carpina and performed Shout! for last time. The group was sad it was the last time to perform it but was very excited that many people were touched. After packing up, we returned to the Alconce snd played cards and ate at the snack bar.

Day 12 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Laura Hedrick
This is Laura’s first trip to Brasil and one of her highlights has been the English camp. “I loved being with the kids and seeing their eagerness to meet us and learn. I saw how much they wanted to communicate with us. It was cool how they helped us learn their language and how they learned ours.” While here, Laura has been learning many lessons about her faith. “God has shown me that I can do anything through Him. I have to fill myself with the Holy Spirit and God’s word so I can better teach others about it. God has taught me that He is always there and when I obey him, I’ll be blessed through that.”

Chris Hanselman
On Chris’s first trip to Brasil, the thing that has stuck out to him has been the food. “It’s a lot different. The food is more bland because there’s not as much salt, and there is a lot of rice.” Chris has been helping with the English camp and with construction projects around the Alcance. “It was fun getting to work on the wall and being able to say that I helping make that. I felt like I was able to do something.” While here, Chris has been enjoying the devotional studies on the book of Acts. “It’s nice to have quiet time in the morning to get my thoughts in order. I like studying Acts and getting to see real life people working for God. It’s not just a story, and I can apply it to my life.”

Noah Parker

On Noah’s first trip to Brasil, he has been struck by the kindness of the Brazilian people. “I didn’t expect the people to be so nice. They are very welcoming and helpful, especially Duda. I feel bad sometimes because I am here to serve, but Duda always ends up helping me out.” Noah has also been enjoying the beautiful countryside and the food, especially the steak. “It’s extremely rare, but really good!” While here, Noah has also had the opportunity to see parts of Brasil while riding on the bus, including the homes of many people. “It’s just amazing that people can live in these conditions while we complain even though we have all we need. I am learning to appreciate all I have back in America, especially toilet paper...”

Day 12 Activities

This morning was pretty much our last day of our set routine. We had personal time with God and then small group. Today we are trying to wrap up the projects that we have been working on over the last few days. Due to the weather, it is taking a little longer to get the Alcance’s perimeter fence painted. Overall, the weather has been very nice, with light rain showers almost everyday. In the evening, we performed Shout! in Carpina’s town square. What an experience! A band performed before us and a choir sang after us. We were able to witness to a large number of people as they walked around downtown.

Day 11 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Luke Wesseling

Luke is enjoying his first trip to Brasil, especially all the soccer. “I like playing. I never played in America and here I play everyday.” Another highlight for Luke has been the English camp. “I liked the eagles vs. giants rivalry and all my sixth graders. The kids were fun and easy to play with. They thought you were cool no matter what you did.” In addition to working with the kids in the English camp, Luke has been learning about relying on God. “During one of the quiet times, I was reading in Acts and a verse really jumped out at me. I realized that I was relying too much on my talents and strengths instead of relying on God and what He has planned for me.”

Josh Fern

While on his second trip, Josh has been playing lots of soccer. “I really enjoy playing soccer with the Brazilians and getting to know them better.” Josh is also looking forward to going back to Carpina and performing SHOUT. While here in Brasil, Josh has been learning a lot. “I wasn’t going on this trip for the right reasons and the first night of worship changed that for me. This trip has helped get me back on track with God. I’ve been learning basically what the musical teaches. I need to be more bold with my faith and I need to live it out everywhere.”

Day 11 Activities

Some people were a little slow getting out of bed this morning, but the unique baked bananas at breakfast were fun to start the day off with. Devotions went well, followed by small group. We learned our work details and got to work. Painting, moving, sorting, cleaning, washing and constructing continued to take place. After lunch, the rest of the afternoon was free time. Some played soccer and other games, talked, or napped. After a prayer session, we left for Tacunhaem, where church members fed us supper. Shout! was performed in an open air gymnasium. The attendance of the event was our highest yet! We continually pray that lives will be touched not just tonight, but contacts will be made and each community church will grow. Once we had safely gotten back, the snack bar was opened and many played games.

Day 10 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Casey Ruble

Casey is really enjoying her first trip to Brasil and doesn’t want to leave. “The people down here are so different from Americans. They are so spirited and full of life and I really like that.” Casey’s favorite part of the trip has been performing SHOUT and she is looking forward to performing it in more places. While in Brasil, God has also been teaching Casey about trust. “Going out to different places and being in the Brazilian communities gives you an interesting feeling, not scary, but very different. I am learning to fully trust in Him since I don’t have parents down here to protect me and to confide in. I have to remember that no matter who is around me, He is constant.”

Justin Cochran

On Justin’s first trip to Brasil, he has been surprised by the food. “I actually like their food, especially Sylvia’s food.” Sylvia is our cook here at the Alcance and Justin spent the first week helping prepare the food in the kitchen with Sylvia. “Sylvia is fun to joke around with. We like to tease each other and its always fun working with her.” Besides helping cook, Justin has been working on construction projects around the Alcance. “Working with the Brazilians is fun and I really get the feeling that I’m helping them. They are always working and it’s great that I get to be a part of that.” Justin has also been learning about staying focused. “God has been telling me to stay focused on doing stuff to glorify Him, not just for fun. It’s also been really cool to watch how people on this trip have grown closer to God. That is really cool to watch.”

Chris Madren

One thing Chris has noticed on his first trip to Brasil is the drivers. “They don’t stop. They just keep going no matter what.” Chris enjoyed working with the students at the English camp and performing SHOUT for the pastors and English camp students. “The kids were so into it and the whole crowd was interactive.” While in Brasil, Chris says he has been getting closer to his friends here and learning a lot about his faith. “I am learning to be bolder with my faith in talking with my friends and I am learning to be a witness instead of being just like everyone else.”

Day 10 Activities

After our morning meal, we went to devotions and small group. We studied to first part of Acts Chapter 6. Following that, the work projects resumed, many that were the same from yesterday. We cleaned up and got ready for the musical, but before we left, we had a small worship time. At 6pm everyone left for Lagoa de Iteanga. One of the pastors there showed us the plot of land in they hope to build a new church building.

Shout! was put on in an open air school gymnasium. This way, many of the students were able to come to the musical. We counted over 500 people there! The cast did an outstanding job staying focused through all of the distractions. Even if just one life was touched by our presentation, it is all worth it. When it was over, all of the cast were asked for autographs and were treated like movie stars….

Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 9 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Nick Hurd

On his first trip to Brasil, Nick is enjoying the differences in the language. “Breaking the language barrier was easier than I thought, especially with the English camp. I have enjoyed walking around the city and hearing everyone around me speaking a language I have no idea how to speak.” In addition to the language, Nick has been enjoying his experience helping with SHOUT. “It’s cool watching the Brazilians watch SHOUT. I like watching their reactions to what’s being said or when something funny happens.” While in Brasil, Nick has also been learning about trusting in God. “I’m thousands of miles from home and I can’t do anything about what’s going on. I have to trust that God will take care of me.”

Ben Rogers

On Ben’s first trip to Brasil, he is learning about what it’s like to be the minority. “It’s something you can’t truly grasp until you experience it. It’s fun though, especially when friends teach you Portuguese words.” Ben is also enjoying the many experiences he has been having including learning the metric system, breaking a hammer, getting used to early sunsets, and riding a donkey with David. During one of the worship services, Ben said he heard God speaking to him. “He is telling me to be a light to the world and that people should be able to see God through me.”

Brittany Key
This is Brittany’s first trip to Brasil and she says, “The frogs here are humongous!” Brittany has been enjoying the countryside which she describes as “looks a lot like Kentucky or Tennessee with a Latin flavor.” Besides working with the English camp and helping out with SHOUT, Brittany has been learning about not worrying so much. “During one of the devotional times I was reading a part in John and it really spoke to me. Jesus was saying don’t worry about anything, just focus on me. I have to let Him take care of it.”

Day 9 Activities

Today was a great day for many reasons. Two of those reasons were going to the blanket store and a Brazilian grocery store. Many stocked up on cookies, snacks, and pop. Work projects continued such as organizing storage rooms, cleaning walls, painting rooms, building the wall, and still others. We have worked very hard and accomplished a lot. During devotions that evening, we looked at how Peter and the other early believers felt a strong sense of unity and the consequences of lying to God. During dinner, we put on a special romantic meal on for Pastor Paul and Amy in order to celebrate their 18th Wedding Anniversary, which occurred a few days past.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 8 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Andrew Gregory
This is Andrew’s first trip to Brasil and he has enjoying the culture of Brasil. “I really enjoy the open buildings and the openness of the different shops all along the streets.” Andrew also has been enjoying the work he is doing down here. “I love this side of ministry – being here and doing work for God. It’s like I’m getting to put my words into actions.” Andrew said that while he has been here, God has been teaching him to be more spiritually aware in every situation. “With everything that has gone differently than planned, we’re constantly relying on Him through prayer so that we can do His work.”

Leah Nebb

This is Leah’s first trip to Brasil and she is noticing all the attention. “I didn’t realize how much we would stick out. The people really study you and they notice what you do.” Leah has really been enjoying the English camp and all the little projects. “The kids were so excited to be there. They were excited to jump on us, play with us, and just be with us. I really feel like I’m helping and contributing.” In addition to the work, Leah is really enjoying the devotional studies on the book of Acts. “I love learning about the excitement of the early church and how bold they were with their faith. It really ties in with the message of SHOUT. It’s just so amazing being here in Brasil because there aren’t as many distractions. During the worship times, you can really feel God’s presence.”

Day 8 Activities

We began a new routine today: a late breakfast followed by devotions, small group, than service projects. Some of the projects included painting, laundry, cementing, sweeping, and others. In the afternoon, we left early to head to the town of Ameixas. It was a two-hour journey, but with fun laughing, the ride went fast. At Ameixas, we set up the Shout! equipment and handed out flyers for the performance. The facility there was gorgeous. It was neat to see the church that many of us had donated money towards. As for the performance, we had technical difficulties, but made it through. Everyone was very appreciative the message. Once we returned to the Alcance, there was an amazing time of worship. It is so awe-inspiring to think that the same Spirit that moved through the early church, which we continue to study, is moving through us during this time.

Day 7 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionary of the Day:
Paul Taylor

This is Paul’s third trip to Brasil and he has been playing a lot of soccer with the Brazilians. “Brazilians are so competitive. They never get down and I like playing with that competitiveness.” In addition to playing soccer, Paul has been helping with the various construction projects around the Alcance. “Building the wall for the play area was cool because I’d never really done anything like that before.” While here, God has been teaching Paul about patience. “Not being patient has always been one of my downfalls and here in Brasil everything goes a lot slower and it’s not as planned out. I’m learning the power of prayer, so when I get frustrated I have to settle down and just pray about it.” Paul would like to add, “The steak place was awesome. That was the most and best tasting steak I’ve ever had in one setting.”

Katie Romoser

Katie has been learning a lot on her second trip. “I’m taking in more of the culture, land, and people this time. It’s more personal and I am more open to the differences in the cultures rather than shocked by them.” Katie has really enjoyed the English camp. “It was a great experience interacting and connecting with the students. It’s cool seeing that we are similar even though we live in different countries.” In addition to all she has been doing, Katie is learning important lessons about prayer. “I have been learning how to bring my requests before God and how to start praying more for others and not just for myself.” Katie looks forward to all the opportunities that the trip will still present and says she is thankful that she is able to come back and serve in Brasil again.

Day 7 Activities

Today was a sightseeing/tourist day. We traveled to Recife where we toured an old jail that is now an indoor market. We also visited Olinda and some open-air markets, vendors, and shops. There were many old historic buildings there. Dinner was AMAZING! We called it “The Meat Place.” At this unique restaurant, the servers brought slabs of meat to your table. There was a HUGE salad bar. Plus, it was all-you-can-eat! The variety of meats, seafood, desserts, fruits and veggies were exquisite.

When we came back to the Alcance, we had a great worship service. We sang songs and really grew closer together. What a cool experience this whole trip has been so far!

Please continue to pray for our strength as we move through our trip.

Day 6 BRCC Mission Trip

***editors note: Thanks to Sarah Gish for providing the remainder of the interviews.

Missionaries of the Day:
Kristin Sprague
This is Kristin’s second trip to Brazil and she has been surprised by how many of the people remember her. She has found it easier to adapt to the differences in the culture this time around and has been enjoying all the work she has been doing. “I’m more aware of how much I’m making a difference in people’s lives whether it’s through cleaning or working with kids or just talking with them.” Kristin enjoyed the English camp and being able to work with the children. “It’s cool to see how happy they are with the simple things here. The kids are more fun to play with because you don’t have to work to keep them entertained. You can just have a lot of fun with them.” Besides working with the children, Kristin has been learning about serving. “You don’t have to be anything special to be able to help or have an affect. I love being her and helping with whatever they need me to do.”

Matt Fern

On Matt’s second trip to Brazil, he has been enjoying seeing the differences in the Alcance. Since the 2006 trip, the Alcance has been retiled in a lot of places and many of the rooms have been converted into classrooms, libraries, storage areas, and a computer lab. In addition to these changes, the Grafica (an internet café) has been moved to the Alcance and a recording studio has been put in. Matt has enjoyed all the opportunities to serve in Brasil. “The work projects are strenuous, but when you finish, it feels like a great accomplishment. You know you’re doing God’s work.” God has also been working in Matt’s life while here. “God has been showing me that before I came to Brasil, I had a lot of anger stored up for no reason. I saw that I couldn’t do anything to serve Him until I gave that up and over to Him.”

Day 6 Activities

Once again, this morning was an early one. The Shout! cast traveled to the community church of Guadalajara. The performance went well and afterward, the church cooked us lunch. It was entertaining to experience a cultural lunch. The people back at the Alcance were having a worship service with the church that meets here while we were performing Shout. They were also able to enjoy the cultural meal, because we brought some back for them after Shout.
Most of the afternoon was free time and each person enjoyed relaxing or playing games. We then got cleaned up and went to different churches. We felt God moving in mighty ways even though we spoke in different languages. Some sang, gave testimonies, or mimed. We all enjoyed the chance to be involved in the churches we helped to plant.

Day 5 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:
Caleb Hunter

Caleb is finding his second trip to Brasil much more exciting than the first. “I got to go back to Tracunhaem and share my testimony again. I got to share how I had grown since the last time and that was really cool” Caleb is also having fun seeing the little ways that God is working in this trip. “Before I came down, I worked on computers with Steve Turner. When I got down here, Jeff had hurt his arm and they needed someone to help him with computers so I was able to do that. God had prepared me for that kind of work.” In addition to helping out with the computers in the Alcance’s computer lab, Caleb has been performing SHOUT. One of his highlights was performing at Amexias church. “It was exciting to see the Amexias church and to hear the students there talking about their faith after the performance. It was beautiful to see them seeking God and growing in their faith.”

Sarah Gish
Sarah is enjoying her second trip and reconnecting with the people she met on her last trip. “ It’s so good to see those we met 2 years ago and see how they have changed and in some cases how their English has improved!” Sarah is a big fan of the food here. “The red beans and rice are to die for. One particular dish we were fed was called Feijoada” After one of our Shout presentations, our friends at Guadalajara (where Duda and Sylvia attend church) prepared this traditional meal created by the slaves. “It was awesome!” Sarah is also encouraged through the bible study we are doing as it picked up right where she was studying before she left. “A group of us have been praying for the trip and studying Acts before the trip. It’s amazing how the combination of Shout, the study of Acts and our prayers all point toward being bolder about our faith! I want to carry this home with me and live it out when I go to college next year.”

Day 5 Activities

Today was the final day of English camp and the kids enjoyed finishing up the week with fun games. The children liked the water games they played in the pool and the games they played with their small group leaders. The preschool children enjoyed playing at the playground and singing songs. As the English camp was going on some of the guys were working throughout the Alcance. They were helping to do various construction projects.

We also performed the musical Shout for the campers as practice for our future performances! The Spirit moved as we ministered to them through a new way. It was exciting to watch their faces light up at seeing “Americans” express their love for Christ!

A number of students played soccer after the English camp was finished. We had a great time taking on some of the Brazilians. After the game of soccer most everyone jumped into the pool to cool off. We then got cleaned up to go out for pizza. It was an upscale all- you- can eat pizza restaurant that had its own unique charm. Ben holds the record with 15 whole pieces of pizza! Afterwards we came back and played games. Some of them were tag, cards, and charades.

Enjoy some additional photos of the trip.

May God Bless you!

Day 4 BRCC Mission Trip

**editors note- Sorry for the's been busy busy here! Thanks Alex Romoser and Laura Hedrick for the daily activity updates starting today. We'll try to catch you up as soon as possible.. Pastor j

Missionary of the Day:
Rachael Sexton

This is Rachael’s second trip to Brazil and she is enjoying seeing all the changes that have taken place since she was here 2 years ago. Along with all the excitement of being on a mission trip, Rachael is really enjoying working with the first graders in English camp; especially little Dadi. “He knows English and can understand it” says Rachael “but he’s shy about responding.” Her quiet time has reminded her the verse in Romans 8; ...nothing can separate us from the love of God. Sometimes it can be hard to be with a bunch of people over a long period of time, but she knows that in Christ, the Lord encourages me to love everyone like He loves me.” She is also excited to perform Shout and looking forward see how the Lord will use it.

Day 4 Activities

Today was the second full day of English camp. The children enjoyed participating in wheelbarrow races, various water games and mini- soccer. The children also played two versions of cheerleader. It was fun to see all of the kids, both Brazilians and Americans, helping to teach each other the rules to the games. It is cool to see that with God there really is no language barrier. The construction crew continued to work at the new playground site. They mixed and laid cement, as well as built brick walls using traditional Brazilian methods.

Following this, we got another cultural experience playing soccer with many talented Brazilians. The teams were Americans vs. Brazilians. Guess who won? Neither – we tied. After dinner, there was a Shout! rehearsal.

Continue to pray God's blessing of strength and health for the team as we prepare to share the love of Jesus through our work projects and the musical!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 3 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionary of the Day: David Nolen

David has been looking forward to Brasil for quite some time now. Since this is his first trip, he has enjoyed the thrill of seeing first hand what he has heard from his dad, Hubert. “It’s really inspiring as far as getting to know what God is doing down here and seeing him work.” David was part of the team that helped the English camp today. “I really enjoyed the team work that was required to make it all happen” says David who also sited several opportunities to work with fellow mission team members and Brazilian staff. “ I really learned a lot from teaching the 9th graders at the English camp.”

Day 3 Activities

Today was an “early morning” getting up at 7 for Breakfast to prepare for the English camp at 8. The English camp is a series of games spoken in English from singing songs like the "The Hokey Pokey" in the K-1 grades to water balloon volleyball all designed to create a “natural” method of communication between the campers and our missionaries. Before a student can play or receive a prize, they must say it in English.

Also, construction projects such as painting shelves in the new children’s library for the international school, the building of a 20 foot long brick wall for an additional playground and finalizing the set for Shout were taking place during English camp. The team really went all out today! On the spiritual side, we continue to work through the devotional we brought with today's theme centered around Jesus' instruction to Peter; “Feed my sheep” and how each of us are here in Brasil to feed Jesus’ sheep.

Of course, no day is complete without a day of soccer and a few rousing games of Euchre, snacks (at the canteen) complete with Guaraná.

Please pray for the team's strength as the days get longer and more active. Click here to enjoy some additional photos of today's activities.

Blessings to all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 2 of the BRCC Mission Trip

Missionary of the Day: Brittney Sweet

This is Brittney’s first mission trip. Today she spent a
full day at the Alcance and got to bond with her friends while she worked on sorting and organizing the things we brought from USA. When asked about the highlight of her day she replied, “We started a devotional and had an amazing worship service to finish our day. I also enjoyed learning a little bit more about the culture when we went to visit the flip flop factory. The colors and multiple patterns were really cool.”   

Day 2 Activities

Our day began with a hearty breakfast of fruits, meat, cheese, bread, pastries and eggs. Following breakfast, one of our major tasks for the day was to organize and sort the materials we brought in trunks so they can be distributed throughout the School.  We also prepared for the upcoming English camp with direction from our friends from the Alcance by distributing the work and what will be taught as well as dividing up activities of the day.   Mike Mills and crew worked on construction projects while others cleaned up around the Alcance.   Amy, Pastor Jay, David Moraes and Roberto began preparing the backdrops and translations for Shout!  

Of course, no day would be complete without a little soccer (football) followed by dinner, devotionals and some worship time. We finished off our day with singing a rousing version of Happy Birthday to Sarah Wells who turned 16 enjoying some cake and a nice swim in the pool! (see photos..)

Please pray for the team as they encourage the Brazilian English campers with the love of Christ. Also pray as we prepare and adapt the translation of Shout so it will be understood and received by the Brazilian people.

Enjoy a few pictures of the day.

Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

38 arrive safely to Carpina, Brasil!

What an exciting (and thankfully uneventful) day of traveling for the BRCC Mission team. Although there's not much to report on the misson trip itself, I thought you might enjoy some candid shots of us along the way.

Saying good bye....

Waiting for the plane in Atlanta (after being delayed for 2.5 hours... they were troopers)

We made it to Brasil!! (we're in Rio!)

The race is on! "Moving" from Delta to TAM in Rio.
Cramming us and the luggage on the bus.

We made it!

Keep watching for updates! May God bless you as you pray for us!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Medical Team has left

The medical team left really early this morning to go back to the USA. The team was able to help about 1,000 people. After Cha de Alegria they went to Pauldalo then to the Dump in Carpina. Here are some pictures from the Dump.

The medical teams started seeing people at the Dump in 2006. Before they helped out there, the local medical clinics wouldn't go there. But now since this ministry took the step to help this community the local medical clinic sends people there each month.

Dr. Taylor was able to sit down and talk with the local medical clinic staff after the Dump clinic. The staff usually only stays an hour and a half and sees 200 people. They said it was very good and amazing to see the US team take their time with each person and the love that the team showed toward the people.