Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 6 BRCC Mission Trip

***editors note: Thanks to Sarah Gish for providing the remainder of the interviews.

Missionaries of the Day:
Kristin Sprague
This is Kristin’s second trip to Brazil and she has been surprised by how many of the people remember her. She has found it easier to adapt to the differences in the culture this time around and has been enjoying all the work she has been doing. “I’m more aware of how much I’m making a difference in people’s lives whether it’s through cleaning or working with kids or just talking with them.” Kristin enjoyed the English camp and being able to work with the children. “It’s cool to see how happy they are with the simple things here. The kids are more fun to play with because you don’t have to work to keep them entertained. You can just have a lot of fun with them.” Besides working with the children, Kristin has been learning about serving. “You don’t have to be anything special to be able to help or have an affect. I love being her and helping with whatever they need me to do.”

Matt Fern

On Matt’s second trip to Brazil, he has been enjoying seeing the differences in the Alcance. Since the 2006 trip, the Alcance has been retiled in a lot of places and many of the rooms have been converted into classrooms, libraries, storage areas, and a computer lab. In addition to these changes, the Grafica (an internet café) has been moved to the Alcance and a recording studio has been put in. Matt has enjoyed all the opportunities to serve in Brasil. “The work projects are strenuous, but when you finish, it feels like a great accomplishment. You know you’re doing God’s work.” God has also been working in Matt’s life while here. “God has been showing me that before I came to Brasil, I had a lot of anger stored up for no reason. I saw that I couldn’t do anything to serve Him until I gave that up and over to Him.”

Day 6 Activities

Once again, this morning was an early one. The Shout! cast traveled to the community church of Guadalajara. The performance went well and afterward, the church cooked us lunch. It was entertaining to experience a cultural lunch. The people back at the Alcance were having a worship service with the church that meets here while we were performing Shout. They were also able to enjoy the cultural meal, because we brought some back for them after Shout.
Most of the afternoon was free time and each person enjoyed relaxing or playing games. We then got cleaned up and went to different churches. We felt God moving in mighty ways even though we spoke in different languages. Some sang, gave testimonies, or mimed. We all enjoyed the chance to be involved in the churches we helped to plant.

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