Friday, July 31, 2015

Help Thiago go to college in the USA

The fall semester at Lancaster Bible College begins the end of August, and Thiago Naque needs $2,000 ASAP to get a Visa and move to Pennsylvania from Brazil. He has a $20,000 soccer scholarship and a part-time job waiting for him, but he will not be able to accept it without your help. The first soccer game is September 1st.

Thiago remembers always moving around to different communities, his father being a church planter with WRB, and serving in Africa in 2005 and 2006. Thiago says the most important part about growing up in a missionary family was learning to do what God had called them to do. He was able to see firsthand how God was always there in hard times. 

Thiago spent a year at Word of Life Hungry after high school, and was then set up to play professional soccer in Germany. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get a Visa to stay. He returned to Brazil a bit disheartened, but for the past two years he has faithfully served the Lord with his family and individually, taking a strong lead in sports ministries, outreaches, and teaching English.

He loves ministering with sports because he finds it so easy to share the gospel in that setting. He works hard at playing soccer because he wants to use his work (soccer) as his mission. 

With his parents returning to Africa next year, there is no extra money. Thiago needs a total of $6,000 to be able to accomplish his dream of finishing his undergrad at Lancaster Bible college—and $2,000 of that is needed by this August. Please join us in assisting Thiago, as he furthers his education and his mission for the Lord.  

We have setup a gofundme at:
or donate straight through WRI
*To Donate please click Here. The donation will go to his father's account so that he can pay for the college.