Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 9 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Nick Hurd

On his first trip to Brasil, Nick is enjoying the differences in the language. “Breaking the language barrier was easier than I thought, especially with the English camp. I have enjoyed walking around the city and hearing everyone around me speaking a language I have no idea how to speak.” In addition to the language, Nick has been enjoying his experience helping with SHOUT. “It’s cool watching the Brazilians watch SHOUT. I like watching their reactions to what’s being said or when something funny happens.” While in Brasil, Nick has also been learning about trusting in God. “I’m thousands of miles from home and I can’t do anything about what’s going on. I have to trust that God will take care of me.”

Ben Rogers

On Ben’s first trip to Brasil, he is learning about what it’s like to be the minority. “It’s something you can’t truly grasp until you experience it. It’s fun though, especially when friends teach you Portuguese words.” Ben is also enjoying the many experiences he has been having including learning the metric system, breaking a hammer, getting used to early sunsets, and riding a donkey with David. During one of the worship services, Ben said he heard God speaking to him. “He is telling me to be a light to the world and that people should be able to see God through me.”

Brittany Key
This is Brittany’s first trip to Brasil and she says, “The frogs here are humongous!” Brittany has been enjoying the countryside which she describes as “looks a lot like Kentucky or Tennessee with a Latin flavor.” Besides working with the English camp and helping out with SHOUT, Brittany has been learning about not worrying so much. “During one of the devotional times I was reading a part in John and it really spoke to me. Jesus was saying don’t worry about anything, just focus on me. I have to let Him take care of it.”

Day 9 Activities

Today was a great day for many reasons. Two of those reasons were going to the blanket store and a Brazilian grocery store. Many stocked up on cookies, snacks, and pop. Work projects continued such as organizing storage rooms, cleaning walls, painting rooms, building the wall, and still others. We have worked very hard and accomplished a lot. During devotions that evening, we looked at how Peter and the other early believers felt a strong sense of unity and the consequences of lying to God. During dinner, we put on a special romantic meal on for Pastor Paul and Amy in order to celebrate their 18th Wedding Anniversary, which occurred a few days past.

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