Monday, October 07, 2013

October Tele Talk

The above video, Tele talks about the sports programs going on in the town of Lagoa de Itaenga

Friday, July 12, 2013

WRB Welcomes Casey Hlebovy for the Fall teaching team

It is always wonderful to see how God provides for the needs here in Brazil. The following is Casey's story about how she decided to come help in Brazil for 6 months.
You can donate to her at:
"My name is Cassandra Hlebovy (Casey, Cassie). I am currently getting ready to travel to Carpina, Pernambucco, Brazil and stay for five months. While I am in Carpina, I will be volunteering at the International School in Carpina teaching English as a second language to preschoolers and I will be volunteering with the Living Stones project. Living Stones works along with local churches to help the poorest of the poor by sharing the love of Jesus through education, modeling a Christ centered family and providing nourishment.
In the fall of 2012, Morning Star Friends Church in Chardon, Ohio was prompted by the Holy Spirit to send a group to Carpina, Brazil to see how or if they would partner with the work of the Evangelical Friends (World Renewal Brazil). To give a background on the Living Stones project, Rachel Winzeler a Living Stones missionary came and spoke to the church. After listening to Rachel speak, the nudges I had been getting from God to do a long term mission trip were confirmed. I wanted to drop everything and go back to Brazil with Rachel, but she advised me to come with the Morning Star mission group to investigate if I really was being drawn. I agreed, but in my heart I knew where I should be. This was confirmed by my pastor, when he suggested that I would be a good candidate for a long term mission trip, not knowing where I was being led.
In June, 2013 myself along with eleven others from our church went to Carpina, Brazil. While on that trip and interacting with the children from three different places (those living in the local trash dump, local churches, and the International School) I was being nudged again to spend an extended time in Brazil.  Originally, I was going to get my flight changed and stay for just a couple of more days to confirm the desire, but God had another plan. My flight was not able to be changed so my dad and I prayed and talked about other options. We thought that I would be able to come back in the fall and stay for a month or so, but once again God had another plan. When the offer was made for myself to come back for a few months in the fall, I was quickly asked if I would consider a five month term to teach English as a second language to pre-school children at the International School. I said a resounding YES!  They were elated, since that they had been praying for someone to teach this class.  
So I am on my way to Carpina, Brazil."

Thank you so much Casey and we look forward to having you serve with us in Brazil.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Shirts for a Roof

Custom designed T-shirts to raise money for the roof at Pastor Ricardo's church in Lagoa de Itaenga.

We have a unique opportunity to bring these T-shirts designed by Pastor Ricardo back to the US. We are selling them $15 each and the money will be going toward finishing the roof of the gymnasium.

Let us know now via e-mail at
Cut off date is June 27th to order.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Town of Lagoa de Itaenga in need of Peace

There have been at least 6 murders in the small town of Lagoa de Itaenga in the last 2 weeks. All of the murders have been drug related or gang related. This is more violence than the big city of 4 million (Recife). Lagoa de Itaenga has around 40 thousand.
Yesterday (4/10/13) while the community church was having a youth outreach we got reports that a father had just shot and killed his son. This was also drug related.(Praise God this turned out NOT to be true) This city is crying out for help and the 6 or so police that patrol the city can not keep up.

Please pray with us for Peace in Lagoa de Itaenga.

Pastor Ricardo Silva along with the other churches in the town are organizing a "Walk for Peace" day. We are hoping to include every single church including the catholic church to participate. 

The community church is growing again with new construction starting this week to put the roof on the gymnasium. Once this is complete we will have neighborhood kids at the church every day involved in a youth outreach program similar to Living Stones and Athletes in Action. The church is trying to reach the youth in the community and keep them away from drugs and gangs.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Church Plant Outreach in Full Swing

The farthest interior church plant is underway, with a group of evangelists and sports personal working together to reach the town of Santa Cruz do Capibaribe.
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The impact is the 5th of January through the 13th. Everyday they will have sports outreaches morning and afternoon teaching basketball and soccer. For most of the kids this will be their first exposure to basketball. Rogerio Soares from Athlete's in Action is leader the sports ministry. Mike Westlake from the Community Church of Greenwood is also assisting with the basketball outreach.

The team settled in their new home at the local public school and then started walking around the area inviting people to that evenings program on Saturday the 5th. That evening saw a very dynamic speaker/singer who talked about the dangers of drugs and the saving grace of God. It was a very high energy night and a great way to start the weeks impact.
Full set of picture at:

Please continue to pray for the town of Santa Cruz do Capibaribe as the team will be reaching that area for Jesus.