Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 5 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:
Caleb Hunter

Caleb is finding his second trip to Brasil much more exciting than the first. “I got to go back to Tracunhaem and share my testimony again. I got to share how I had grown since the last time and that was really cool” Caleb is also having fun seeing the little ways that God is working in this trip. “Before I came down, I worked on computers with Steve Turner. When I got down here, Jeff had hurt his arm and they needed someone to help him with computers so I was able to do that. God had prepared me for that kind of work.” In addition to helping out with the computers in the Alcance’s computer lab, Caleb has been performing SHOUT. One of his highlights was performing at Amexias church. “It was exciting to see the Amexias church and to hear the students there talking about their faith after the performance. It was beautiful to see them seeking God and growing in their faith.”

Sarah Gish
Sarah is enjoying her second trip and reconnecting with the people she met on her last trip. “ It’s so good to see those we met 2 years ago and see how they have changed and in some cases how their English has improved!” Sarah is a big fan of the food here. “The red beans and rice are to die for. One particular dish we were fed was called Feijoada” After one of our Shout presentations, our friends at Guadalajara (where Duda and Sylvia attend church) prepared this traditional meal created by the slaves. “It was awesome!” Sarah is also encouraged through the bible study we are doing as it picked up right where she was studying before she left. “A group of us have been praying for the trip and studying Acts before the trip. It’s amazing how the combination of Shout, the study of Acts and our prayers all point toward being bolder about our faith! I want to carry this home with me and live it out when I go to college next year.”

Day 5 Activities

Today was the final day of English camp and the kids enjoyed finishing up the week with fun games. The children liked the water games they played in the pool and the games they played with their small group leaders. The preschool children enjoyed playing at the playground and singing songs. As the English camp was going on some of the guys were working throughout the Alcance. They were helping to do various construction projects.

We also performed the musical Shout for the campers as practice for our future performances! The Spirit moved as we ministered to them through a new way. It was exciting to watch their faces light up at seeing “Americans” express their love for Christ!

A number of students played soccer after the English camp was finished. We had a great time taking on some of the Brazilians. After the game of soccer most everyone jumped into the pool to cool off. We then got cleaned up to go out for pizza. It was an upscale all- you- can eat pizza restaurant that had its own unique charm. Ben holds the record with 15 whole pieces of pizza! Afterwards we came back and played games. Some of them were tag, cards, and charades.

Enjoy some additional photos of the trip.

May God Bless you!

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