Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 14 BRCC Mission Trip

Missionaries of the Day:

Alex Romoser
When asked about his first trip to Brasil, Alex said, “Well I have never seen wild ducks roaming a town before.” Alex has been working on various construction projects around the Alcance and he is enjoying working with all the people who work at the Alcance. “It’s cool to see how much the people work and how they are so pumped about the Alcance and the work they are doing down here.” In addition to his work down here, Alex has been growing. “When I’m here, I am able to take the focus off myself and see the bigger picture. God is teaching me that I need to stop just having head knowledge and I need to make it heart knowledge.”

Eli Parker
On Eli’s first trip to Brasil, he has been enjoying the differences in the culture as well as the beautiful countryside and the people. “I love to help these people and that motivates me to work.” While on the trip, Eli says that God has really been speaking to him. “God’s been helping me sort my life out and giving my directions. I came here with a lot of questions and God has been giving me answers. One time during worship, God really just told me that he loved me and that answered so many questions. It felt really great.”

Sarah Taylor

Sarah is enjoying many things about her first trip to Brasil, including the hills, the frogs, and the food. “I love how creative Sylvia is with leftovers.” Sarah has been having fun working with everyone during the English camp and SHOUT performances. “I love working with everyone and knowing that we are working together for a good cause.” While here, Sarah has also been enjoying the devotionals. “I am learning different ways of study so I can find my favorite way for when I do my devotions at home. I have gotten a lot closer to God through the devotions and just being with all the people.”

Day 14 Activities
Today was free day began with a quick breakfast followed by loading the bus for a beach a few miles North of Recife. It was a welcome break for us as we had presented Shout! for the last time on this trip and are winding down the projects at the Alcance. We first went to a beach for snorkeling but because the tide was too high, we spent some time shopping and browsing the beach shops. After that, we loaded the bus and headed to another beach to ride the waves and body surf. The waves were fantastic and everyone had a great time. We boarded the bus and came back to the Alcance around dinner time.

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