Monday, January 21, 2008

Dear Friends and Supporters of World Renewal Brazil,

What a crazy, but awesome year of watching God work saving lives, growing disciples, teaching truth, restoring relationships, building trust and serving the communities of Northeast Brazil. More specifically, four areas can be highlighted to demonstrate a little of what He has allowed us to be a part of through your prayers, service in short term missions trips and financial support.

The International School has successfully completed its second full year of service to the upper middle class families of Carpina. The ministry headquarters called Alcance Brazil houses the school as well as the Bible Seminary. In 2007 thirty-nine students were enrolled in Kindergarten through fifth grade in beautifully remodeled and decorated classrooms. Parents of the students even donated materials and labor to upgrade the common areas and bathrooms to make it safer and more attractive and Americans, British missionaries, and Brazilians worked hard to create a fun, attractive and safer playground.

Two new church plants have grown in amazing ways. Ricardo da Silva and his team of young people from his church in Guadalajara traveled to Ameixas every week to go door to door, hold home Bible studies, and meet in the street for worship until they were able to find facilities to rent. The congregation has grown to about 30 people and they now have a new pastor, Pastor Assuerio Naque, who moved there with his family recently. Land was purchased and their new church building is being finished this month due to the generous gifts from central Indiana Community churches and the labor provided by 65 Brazilian believers from Rio de Janeiro who have taken off the month of January to build this church using their own brick masons, electricians, painters, plumbers, cooks and clean-up people. The whole community is seeing this cooperative effort and love demonstrated and we expect to see the building packed out January 26th at the dedication service. (Pictures are in the last post)

Meanwhile, Ricardo and his team began knocking on doors, holding Bible studies and worship services in the streets of Lagoa de Itaenga. When the American medical team held a medical clinic there two summers ago they were able to expand their outreach and win the hearts of the people. A small house downtown was rented and recently Ricardo and his family moved to the town. His team from Guadalajara still comes to help disciple new believers and lead worship music for about 25 attendees.

Praise God! Tele and his family have a new house. By the end of this month they will be in it. For two years they have been living in three small hotel rooms at the Alcance, sharing a small makeshift kitchen with other ministry partners that live there. Even in their new house, though, ministry will be happening. Tele and Heather plan to host a neighborhood Bible study starting with two families that have expressed an interest already.

Last summer both short-term mission trips were a huge success. The medical team led by Dr. Santos from Recife, Brazil, and Drs. Chuck Taylor and Steve Flink held clinics at Carpina’s Big Dump and at the Community Church of Carpina. About 800 people received a medical exam, worm medicine, a months worth of multi-vitamins, and Tylenol plus medicine for their specific ailments. Forrest Craig, Josie Potter and Paul Taylor assisted by taking blood pressure and weighing each patient. Many others helped with crowd control, registration, entertainment, and passing out medications.

The construction team from Brookville Road Community Church consisted of Pastor Greg Ruble and his son, Garrett, Jesse Schwedler, Forrest Craig, and Steve Turner. Together with some of the Brazilians they installed a wireless internet system, built a lower cabinet for the reception desk area, stripped paint from a large iron gate, mixed and laid asphalt paving across the front of the Alcance property, broke up old bricks in Tele’s new neighborhood and used the pieces to fill potholes, and demolished a hallway wall to provide access to the new Print Shop office. On the weekends they visited churches, shared testimonies and fellowshipped. Of course, they also got to go shopping for souvenirs, go to the beach and eat at a Brazilian steak house.

I want to thank everyone for not only praying for and supporting the ministry in Brazil, but for praying for and supporting me in this endeavor. It has been a privilege and honor to represent the Brazil ministry to the Community Churches since 1999, making the needs and vision of the ministry known.

It is my desire that as you read of all these activities and achievement that God has allowed us to be a part of, you will be compelled to participate. Come join us. The water is great! Please take the time to look over the following suggested ways you can help.

Perhaps you would like to help raise money by sending me your used ink jet cartridges for recycling or donate gently used stuff that can be sold on E-Bay. Contact me at 317 840-1270.

To receive weekly prayer updates or information about the summer Mission Trip, July 3-11, please send your e-mail address to

Sincerely, Steve Turner, Brazil Field Representative

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Church from Southern Brazil has arrived

They are very busy building the Church in Ameixas and spreading the good news of Christ in that town.