Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Safe & Sound

The first of the short-term trips have arrived. Kenny Smith, Frank Penna, and Steve Turner are safely in Brazil enjoying guaraná and fresh fruit.

Kenny is here to build several bookshelves and other wood working needs. Frank is here to assist Kenny and also lend his voice talent to several of the Churches. Steve is here to coordinate the trips and be the go to guy for everyone.

The Medical Team comes next! July 2nd.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Intl School Program

School is almost done. Just one more week.

Right before Easter, the International school kids went on a field trip to Olinda and other historical sites. This program last Friday was to show off what they learned from the trip. Some of the kids had special projects they did on the field trip. This was a good way to present to the parents what their kids did and what the school is about. Now we just have one more program to do this Friday. It will be a world culture program.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Camera No Service

I (Jeff) have been without a memory card for me camera for 3 weeks or so. I just recently was able to borrow a memory card but I have yet to be able to get good pictures for the things that have happened. So no pictures until I get another chance to go to the locations.

The Community Church of Lagoa de Itaenga was in trouble this month, because they found out that the place they were renting was going to be sold. They were being kicked out and in this small town there wasn't any other place to rent. But, God is good! Through one of Pastor Ricardo's relatives they were able to purchase land for cheap in a good area close to downtown. They had R$3,000 saved up already for this land and only needed R$2000 more. For a while they thought there was some money with the World Renewal Headquarters for Lagoa de Itaenga, but there wasn't any. They only had 3 weeks to raise this money or they would not be able to purchase this land.
While Pastor Zecarlos (a retired pastor that helps with this church) was on a trip to his home town of Sao Paulo, he received a gift of R$2000 for the new Church building. Well the money is going to buying the land which needs to be paid for before the Church can be build. God provided!

Don't forget that we need your help with building the new Church in Tracunhanhém.