Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 4 BRCC Mission Trip

**editors note- Sorry for the's been busy busy here! Thanks Alex Romoser and Laura Hedrick for the daily activity updates starting today. We'll try to catch you up as soon as possible.. Pastor j

Missionary of the Day:
Rachael Sexton

This is Rachael’s second trip to Brazil and she is enjoying seeing all the changes that have taken place since she was here 2 years ago. Along with all the excitement of being on a mission trip, Rachael is really enjoying working with the first graders in English camp; especially little Dadi. “He knows English and can understand it” says Rachael “but he’s shy about responding.” Her quiet time has reminded her the verse in Romans 8; ...nothing can separate us from the love of God. Sometimes it can be hard to be with a bunch of people over a long period of time, but she knows that in Christ, the Lord encourages me to love everyone like He loves me.” She is also excited to perform Shout and looking forward see how the Lord will use it.

Day 4 Activities

Today was the second full day of English camp. The children enjoyed participating in wheelbarrow races, various water games and mini- soccer. The children also played two versions of cheerleader. It was fun to see all of the kids, both Brazilians and Americans, helping to teach each other the rules to the games. It is cool to see that with God there really is no language barrier. The construction crew continued to work at the new playground site. They mixed and laid cement, as well as built brick walls using traditional Brazilian methods.

Following this, we got another cultural experience playing soccer with many talented Brazilians. The teams were Americans vs. Brazilians. Guess who won? Neither – we tied. After dinner, there was a Shout! rehearsal.

Continue to pray God's blessing of strength and health for the team as we prepare to share the love of Jesus through our work projects and the musical!

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