Monday, July 31, 2006

Emily Craig

We had such an awesome time! I’ve never experienced so many people come to the Lord in one place at one time. The Lord worked through all of us in a mighty way.

Also, one of the last days we went to this amazing restaurant – Ponteio – an all you an eat buffet and they bring huge sticks of meat around. I ate a chicken heart and absolutely loved it. It is probably my new favorite meat. Oh and, Forrest, David, Josie, and I shared our desserts. We had this amazing papaya crème. Umm – delicious!

Matt Fern

An experience that I’ll never forget: that is such an understatement. The beauty in the landscape, the people, and even the air you breathe is wonderful. I am so glad I got to come on this trip, share God’s Word, and meet new people. Thank you & God bless

Mary Nolen

This trip really showed me how God is the same God in the US and in Brazil and the rest of the world. It also made me realize the influence and responsibility that America has to the world. There were many awesome times of worship with the Brazilians, and many fun giggling moments with the girls!

Thanks to everybody that came on the Short-term trips this summer!!

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