Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Post by Stephanie Hubbard

I have been so blessed by this opportunity. Coming from Northwest Kansas it was by God’s hand alone that I was led here.

Each day I spend here I fall a little more in love with Brasil and its people. It almost makes me wish I didn’t have to go back for awhile but I’m not ready for that, just yet!

My first few days here were spent with the medical group. The best part was getting to meet the people. You could never have guessed that these people were lacking in anything. In a way they aren’t. To them it is just how life is and always has been. These are a people that waste nothing and find joy in everything.

These last couple days we have been preparing for the youth conference. I have never met a group of teenagers that are so on fire for God. I have been blessed by meeting them and getting
to know them. You see the love that they have for God in everything that they do.

Once the Youth Conference is finished it is on for English Camp. This is what I am looking forward to the most. It will involve the younger kids which is my main interest since I am an Early Childhood Education Major. At K-State by the way….Go Wildcats!

My time here is definitely one of those defining moments in my life. I have grown so much while I have been here. I am only hope that the lives of those I met were as blessed by me as I was by them.

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