Friday, July 14, 2006


The Youth Conference Started today.
The 26 High Schoolers from Brookville Rd Community Church are teaching sessions such as:

Christian Worldview
Quiet Time(How is your prayer life)
What is my Purpose?
It's Your Turn to Be Bold and Courageous
Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi (Jesus says come Follow Me)
Reliability of the Bible
How Does God View the Homosexual?
Dropping Your Guard on Moral Purity (Story of Samson)
Every Man's Battle

All This plus General Sessions with Pastor Paul Romoser and Pastor Hubert Nolen,
Games, Local Outreaches, and more.
The Conference will last until Sunday July 16th.
There will be Youth from all the Community Churches here in Brazil attending this conference so please be praying for God to be moving among them.

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World Renewal Brazil said...

Its great to be here. I just had some of the best brownies and ice cream ever. Everyone should experience Brazil.

Royce and Kent