Thursday, July 06, 2006

post by Daria Macy

Our first couple of days at the clinic have been significant days of kingdom work. Over 360 people were seen. Our first day the guard [of the school where we were] turned people away but it was as if God was easing us “first timers” into things.

The second day, busier than the first, left me with faces that continued to go through my mind as I tried to rest, the two small boys with despair ridden faces brought in by their 16 year old sister; the woman who lived on $6.00 a month that worried about being able to buy firewood to boil water in order to wash her linens & then blessed us by saying, “It’s a gift from God that you are here,”; and the woman whom we didn’t have medicine to put in her hand but showed love as we were privileged to pray for her physical healing.

The “team” itself is inspiring and encouraging watching each whether its shaking a hand, landing a smile, driving a combie [a VW van] to & from the clinic, interpreting, handing out medicine, or seeing patients… It all goes back to Him, and each day I want more of Him & less of me.

Seli Deo Gloria!

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