Friday, July 21, 2006

Post by Pastor Hubert Nolen

(Originally written on 7-17-06)

Hi! Oi!

Wow! We have been here for 10 days and our Lord has been doing some wonderful work through the team, but the best work He is doing is in our hearts.

As I reflect back on our time here there are so many moments that have served my heart well! On Tuesday night after everyone arrived from the States we gathered for a time of prayer and worship! In a couple of hours we poured from our hearts praise and worship! It was a God moment that touched all of us and prepared us to be used! Over the last three days I have been blessed seeing God use these youth – they have taught seminars, given testimonies, did mime, and led in worship! The things I have seen would make any pastor or parent proud.

Last Thursday I was so honored to do a Pastor’s Conference for the pastors, leaders, and some of their wives, of the Community Churches here. These men and women spent the day with open hearts waiting to see how to better serve in their churches. I love to tell stories about what God has done at BRCC over the last 23 years! I am so blessed to be a Pastor at BRCC and to be able to serve such a wonderful group of Christ-followers, and to talk about the wonderful things God has done. There hearts were challenged to believe God to do in them what He has done for us! IT is not secret I have a soft spot in my heart for these honorable servants! It is my prayer that something I shared would help them to stay faithful in the difficult moments of ministry.

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Webmaster said...

Well it sure sounds like things are going great for everyone! I pray that you will all use the last moments you have left there for best! And that you have a safe trip home! I know that we all will be glad to have you back.

(Side note) Also, if Jordan Brewer tries to access his e-mail account, it won't work--I have changed hosts for my website and he won't be able to access it.