Monday, July 17, 2006

Post By Kay Craig

Our first week is finished and boy! What a time we had!! As the Brazilian delegates began arriving a sense of excitement began to stir in me. This was the first day of the Youth Conference. All the days of preparing and praying was about to reveal itself.

Asking the U.S. students if they were ready I was met with a nervous “I don’t think so. I think it’ll be a mess!” But the Holy Spirit was faithful to not leave them and everyone felt His presence take a hold of them. The Seminars were well received. We found that the issues the Brazilians were interested in are the same ones we face and deal with also. “How does God view the Homosexual” was well attended. Worlds apart and yet so alike. Hopefully something that was shared will be a nugget these young delegates can take home and use.

My favorite parts were all the interaction… Worshiping together, playing games, eating, and getting to know each other. The U.S. students did a great job stepping outside their comfort zones. They struck up friendships using mime and their smiles. They also made efforts to learn key words and phrases. They spread themselves out among the delegates and sat with them in the seminars, mealtimes, and game times. Of course the Brazilians were just as hospitable and open to out friendships. The laughter and chattering of conversation was sweet.

The Youth Conference kept up at a hurried pace. The U.S. students got up early and stayed up late so they could spend as much time as possible with their new friends.

On Sunday evening it was our turn to go to their churches. We had the pleasure of seeing our friends again. They welcomed us with joy and warmth. With much laughter the familiar pattern of communicating through pantomime started all over again. It was great to see them all over again. Worshiping with them in their churches reminded me how heaven will be. Even if we never see them here on earth I know we will see them again.

What hope! So Exciting!


Callie said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!! Hope that u r having a blast!! We miss u and Em so very very much!! Can't wait to see u guys!!

Dad, Mom, Callie, Peter, Carl, Riley and Jordan

Mr. W said...

Hi and Happy Birthday Alyssa from the Wesselings!!!
Congratulations on getting out of your comfort zone two summers in a row! We can be sure that God will use you and Emily in Brazil to touch the hearts of all the Brazilian children with the special love for children that he has placed into your hearts.
We are looking forward to hearing about your time in Brazil when you get back.

Mr.&Mrs. S said...

Hey Jenna, love from Joey!
Happy Birthday Alyssa!
It was so good to hear from you today Jenna, Mom and Dad miss ya sooo very much!Mom spoke to Amy about Josie tonight,love from all!
God is so Good! Bless the team from BRCC and what you are doing in Christ's name.