Friday, August 04, 2006

Brazil by Caleb Ross Hunter

Peace of Brazil

Young and old together

People all so real

Loving one another

Living what life is

Time goes very slow

Under cloud of rain

Or under heat we know

With no complaint of pain

Living as only one

Beautiful land around

Giving waters of life

That only Brazilians found

In one who ends all strife

Living life in Him in brazil

Brazil is so amazing! The whole experience is something that I’ll never forget. We had so much fun; I’m definitely going to miss it. The Lord did some amazing work through us!

Rachel Sexton

My experience in Brazil has been a time of growth in my relationship with Jesus and with fellow believers in Christ. There are many events that took place that will always remain close in my heart, but I will for sure, never forget the wonderful roommates I had – Sarah, Mary, & Emily Dewing (plus a few extra sleepovers). I will never forget both the hilarious and serious conversations we had each night in our room! Thanks for being an encouragement in my life! I love you ladies!

Josie Potter

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David Moraes said...

This group was amazing. I was really happy to see how the Lord can use anyone to bless people anywhere. I miss everyone like crazy and pray for the youth group at BRCC everyday. God bless.