Saturday, July 08, 2006

Written Wednesday, July 5th

Post by Lacey Fisk

Praise God! I have now officially been in Brazil five days and I have had an experience I will not soon forget. I came with the intention of blessing others in God’s name and yet feel as if I am the one who God has poured His blessing upon.

The people of Brazil are beautiful, inside and out. I have never realized that by doing something as simple as taking a pulse or weight would spark such love and thanksgiving from the heart of a stranger. But then it hit me. God sent me here not only to provide care, but to share my love with my brothers and sisters, not strangers.

God has opened my eyes to another culture – His creation – that he loves just as much as He does me.

It’s amazing to think back and see the journey that I have made in my life. By God’s grace I grew up in a Christian family and knew the Lord at an early age. I have been God’s hands several times, leading my friends to Christ. But something was missing. I didn’t think of God as a friend and our relationship was lacking. Upon this realization, I re-committed my life to Him and asked Him to use me in any way he chose. And now I’m here on my first mission trip, I am content in knowing that I have a purpose and that I am becoming more like Christ. I am where I’m supposed to be. I continue to pray for the people of Brazil and that God would continue to bless them and be with them. I am leaving Sunday morning but I know I’ll be back. I’ve had an amazing time and thank God for the opportunity.

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