Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day One Church

In the middle of a community of 3,000 people sat an abandoned church building empty, that is, until this last Friday (10/10/14). 
The church sits on a road called Desterro, just outside of Pauldalho. The area has three different names for each "neighborhood," even though the whole community barely spans a city block. 

There was no other active church in this community until World Renewal Brazil opened those dusty doors last week. The new Evangelical Friends church started in partnership with the Community church of Pauldalho and the Community Church of Lagoa de Itaenga.
On the WRI blog we are going to be following this church to give our US partner churches a unique look at how a church in Brazil reaches the community. Friday was the first launch service at the church. Christians came from three sister community churches to help out with the service. The band was a mixture of Pauldalho's and Acacias' community church. Pastor Marco Migarro gave short introductory message explaining why the church is there and what God says about reaching others for Christ. 
Praying for the Pastor

There was a special moment after the service where Caid Ferguson (a US missionary who along with his wife Rachel help raise awareness and fund for the social outreach / church planting program Living Stones) got up and started singing with the band because he recognized the song and knew the words in English.

The Evangelical Friends Church on Desterro road was purchased on faith. The second payment is due at the end of October. It is for $7,000. Please prayerful consider giving toward the payments of this Day One Church.

To support this Day One Church please go to:

The total for the church is $26,000. We have $11,000 raised so far.

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