Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day One Church: US Missions Team

We continue our series titled Day One Church, following the church plant in Desterro from the first day it started.

Living Stones & Church Planting:

For the past year, Living Stones has had an outreach in Belem, the name of one of the three communities that are along the two mile stretch of road called Desterro. It was logical that the Living Stones outreach would partner with the new church plant so close by. A short-term missions team from the Shelbyville Community Church provided a great opportunity to start the partnership.  The team provided the resources for a party with the Desterro church last week.
The Living Stones and the church plant had an interesting start together when they brought all the kids from Living Stones to the church only to discover that it was locked! The new Pastor Marco was running late from work and arrived 45 minutes late.

So, what should you do in this case? Throw a party in the street! So, what happens when you throw a party in the street? Well, it turns out a party in the street is a great way to attract attention! God seemed to ordain the lateness this time! By the time they moved into the church they had a very nice crowd that followed!

Near the end of the party Pastor Flavio (the Director of Living Stones) was testing kids to see if they could read, if they could then they were given an Action Bible and encouraged to read to a friend who couldn't read every day!

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