Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Evangelical Friend's church near Paudalho

This is the road called Desterro. It is a small community outside of Paudalho.

This area has no evangelical church near it. The church building that World Renewal Brazil just purchased had been boarded up for 9 years. Now is the time to revitalize the area and show God's love once more to this gospel needy community.

The church building is under some general maintenance and upkeep right now. Pastors from WRB are helping in all sorts of ways, to get the church ready to start receiving people. It has been amazing to see everyone come together to help out this latest church plant. 

The building was purchased for R$65,000(USD$29,000) with the down payment of R$22,000(USD$10,000)  paid for from the Evangelical Friend's churches in the US.

Pastor Marco (Word of Life background) will be the pastor of this Evangelical Friend's church on Desterro road. The full name of the church is undecided.
Marco wanted to have a prayer and vision meeting inside the church this last weekend but while they were cleaning the roof tiles they found and killed 35 bats. It was not safe to hold the prayer meeting since bats carry lots of decease and even their poop causes allergies.
A few of the bats killed: 35 in all with one big ring leader bat.

Pastor Marco and his Family

Please be praying for this new church plant on Desterro's road. They will be having their first meeting very soon. World Renewal Brazil also needs to raise the rest of the money to finish paying for the building. This month we will need R$14,000 (USD$6,500) total more needed to pay off the church building is: R$43,000 (USD$19,000).

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