Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Medical Trip Begins

Well, we made it! Months of frustrations trying to prepare for this medical mission as responsibly as possible are finally behind us. Trouble with visas. Absolutely no cooperation with Brazilian officials in guaranteeing safe passage of our medicines. (even a request to split the medicines half and half with one gov't official in return for assuring safe passage!). We had bought $2000 worth of medicine and vitamins, and $24,000 worth of medicine had been given to us by MAP International (a division of Christian Medical and Dental Association). Last year a crate of tylenol and vitamins had been confiscated at customs as we entered Brazil. What would happen this time? We finally gave up worrying about and prayed, "God we've done every reasonable thing we know how to do. This is your problem, not ours."
Then we began to see the hand of God at work. First, all seven of us (Steve Turner, Josie Potter Forrest Craig, Paul & Chuck Taylor, and Steve & Cathy Flink) were able to get exit row seats in a PACKED out jet to Rio de Janeiro. This is a 9-hour flight, so the extra space was a God-send! In Rio, we prayed as we approached Customs, "please blind the eyes of the agents." Josie Potter went first with her crate full of toys and school materials for children, and a few large bottles of vitamins and Tylenol mixed in. The agent's eye was caught by something on the Xray and he pulled her over and searched her first crate. When he saw all the toys and school supplies, he waved the entire group through! Thank you Jesus! And thanks to all for praying for us! Picture: a small part of the excellent supply of medicines we have for clinics this trip. This is the best selection I've ever had on a medical mission!

More to follow, Chuck Taylor

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