Saturday, July 21, 2007

Greetings Everyone from the Alcance in NE Brazil,
Pastor Greg here. Thank you for your prayers for safe
travel. Garrett, Jesse and I arrived last Thursday
(July 12) without incident. We made it through
airport lines and even customs as though we had a
personal escort. We were glad to see a bed after the
long flight and a meal that didn't have to be unwrapped.

Since arriving, Steve Turner and Tele have kept us
hooping with a to-do list. We have done a variety of
things including: making Alcance an Internet Wireless
hotspot, making cabinets for under the frontdesk,
stripping paint from an iron gate and paving a strip
of roadway out in front. Our days are still loaded
with things to accomplish, it has been a joy to work
along side our Brazilian friends/believers. We marvel
at their creativity, work ethic and devotion to God.
It comes through in there work. Please continue your
prayers for our physical strength as none of us have
experience paving a road!

Sunday was an absolute homerun! We attended three
church services beginning at 10:00am and ending
around 8:30pm. I cannot describe the joy, excitment
and humility we experienced worshipping with our
friends in these community churches. My eyes well up
with tears as I think of the people and their
devotion to God as they gather in these local
congregations. Some walking over a mile in the back
hills here on dirt roads which are very steep. It was
a privilege to be a part of the team that
participated in these services. Steve Turner preached
twice that day and God used him to bring eight new
people into His kingdom. We praise the Lord as He
continues to work in and through us.

Garrett says: "I'm having a great time and looking
forward to seeing everyone back home."

Jesse says: "It's great to be working for the Lord
down here. Keep praying us through and we'll see you

We do covet your prayers as we will have more
opportunities to share the gospel and encourage the
beleivers here in this great ministry of NE Brazil.

You are all in our thoughts and prayers,
Pastor Greg

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