Sunday, May 06, 2007

Exciting Things Taking Place

We just finished our sixth week at the International School. It is beautiful to see the kids progressing, not only intellectually and socially, but spiritually as well. Of course, those students who were with us last year are far more advanced than the ones who just started, but it is amazing to see how well the new students are doing with just a few weeks of English and Bible teaching. During our daily opening session, we drill them with the weekly Bible verse that goes with the Character trait of the week. They are all so eager, as they raise their hands to recite the verses in both languages. Of course, our main goal is not only for the kids to know those Bible passages by heart, but to take the opportunity we have to coach them along as they can practice those truths on a daily basis.

The word is going around and interest is growing among the parents, not only in Carpina, but in the towns around us. Jumping from 13 students last year to 38 this semester has been an answer to prayer. We thank all of you who have been praying with us in this matter. The other day, we had a couple of parents visiting our premises. They were asking our receptionist what in the world we were doing that makes the whole town talk about the International School. We truly believe God is the One giving all of us the strength and wisdom to put the program into place. And that is why it is making a difference, not only in the kid’s lives, but in their family members as well. We have a couple families who have kids in the school visiting the Acacias Community Church for our Sunday morning services, so it is good to see how the Lord is using the school to reach people with the gospel.

Since Pastor Assuario and his family moved to Amexias, the Holy Spirit is really using them to reach new people in the community. They have seen new believers growing in their faith, as they take their discipleship training, are plugged into small groups, and participate in the Saturday night worship service. Our World Renewal Brazil band is going there every Saturday afternoon to help out with the service, as well as teaching music lessons to some locals. January 2008 is the time when Amexias is going to receive a missionary group from the Baptist church of Macae. They will come in a bus with 45 people to help us build a church building. During the whole month personal evangelism, discipleship with the new believers, and Vacation Bible School will take place. From bricklayers to cooks, from architects to school teachers, they will all be working together to see God’s kingdom being expanded in Northeast Brazil. This church will be providing the labor, and the Community churches will provide the material. The amount we need to raise by the end of the year is $25,000.

Send any gifts to World Renewal International P.O. Box 399 Greenfield Indiana 46140, with a note “Building Fund- Brazil”.

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