Sunday, March 25, 2007

36 Students

Felipe with Tele
The school has just started its second school year in February. We have a total of 36 kids enrolled. We are still harvesting the results from last year's hard work…Felipe, who came to our school after being "invited to leave" from a neighboring town school because of aggressive behavior has become the "protector" of a very shy and scared new kid in the class.. No one dares to mess with him…he's as strong as an ox and as gentle as a teddy bear.. His mother came to pick him up yesterday. She's moving to town to be close to the school and she was in tears as she thanked me for the change the school had made in her son's life…he turned a new leaf… but we all know that Jesus is the one who made the difference in his heart! Isn't it wonderful? Praise the Lord! Please pray for him and his catholic mother, Michelle and aunt Ednalda, who is our new geography teacher, one of the 3 non-born-again Christians in our staff, and who are very open to the gospel.

All the kids, even the parents are excited about the new enlarged school (we are now teaching K3-5th grade). The new playground was a BIG hit. Kenny Smith, a custom cabinet maker from Kansas made a gorgeous wood playground Fort, which was enlarged with a castle keep with slides and sandbox; and Heather's father (a retired Salvation Army missionary) painted English toy soldiers as sentries at the Castle gate.

One father was so excited about the school that he really wanted to help remodel the building and paid this year's and NEXT YEAR'S tuition in advance to buy new (safer)flooring for the entrance, meeting hall, library, dining room and hallways. Other changes are in progress, turning more of the rooms into classrooms, and putting up a gate around the front of the Alcance, including security cameras."

Another good story is Heitor, who came to school today with his coveted 3 merits. He's been having a lot of demerits lately. So he came and gave his demerits to Tele and asked "Sir, I am giving these back to you--can I can have a fresh start?"

Thank God for fresh starts.

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