Friday, October 20, 2006

Busy Times

The time is close. Soon Tele, Jeff, and Lindsay will be in the US. Don't forget to visit them and don't forget the Brazil Reunion .

Lindsay and Jeff Turner are working hard on the Fall Newsletter and various brochures. We don't want to give too much of the Newsletter away. Here are some quick updates.

Lagoa de Itaenga is now and official Church!
This is the outreach that Ricardo Silvia has been involved with since the youth in his Church asked to start witnessing to this town in 2003. (More about this in the Newsletter)

Children's Day

(David Moraes is writing an article about Children's Day for the Newsletter)

Cafe Impresso gets new tables and chairs!
After a long time with boring chairs and tables from the Bible College, the Cafe Impresso has its own new stone tables with black stylish chairs. The Cafe also now has paid full time staff.
Now, here is the best part! The Cafe is trying to get a franchise such as Laça Burger (real steakburgers) to sell burgers at the Cafe. This would be a great boast to this business and bring in a lot more money for the Ministry. Carpina doesn't currently have any hamburger restarants.

God is good and has continued to bless this Ministry!
Watch for the Fall Brazil Broadcast!!

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