Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Things here in Brazil seem to always be in reverse of things in the US. In the US the first weekend of September marks the last holiday of the summer. Here in Brazil the 7th of September is the last holiday of the winter. The ministry enjoyed a long weekend of celebrations starting on Thursday, Brazil’s Independence Day.

Thursday there was a Community Church wide soccer tournament. Five churches turned out to compete. Carpina Community Church left with the win. The program began with a presentation by Word of Life Brazil’s Emme group (a musical performance group that travels all around Brazil). It was an exciting time had by all. Families turned out to cheer their pastors and friends on.

Guadalajara playing Timbauba (black)

Guadalajara playing Carpina (blue)

The celebrations didn’t end there. On Monday, the city of Carpina celebrated their founding day. There was an amazing parade that lasted all day. The Guadalajara Community Church sold water to raise money for projects. They were able to raise about R$100!

The ministry was also donated radio equipment this weekend. They were able to completely start up the Radio Station with what was donated.This is the Radio Station we got the equipment from.

The Word of Life Emme group has been doing programs at the Community Churches this week. They were at Guadalajara and Paudalho the last two nights.

We had 22 decisions for Christ at Guadalajara!

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