Thursday, September 28, 2006


Tele Moraes is in the hospital for pains in his stomach that he gets after eating. They told him his Gall Bladder was enlarged. He is currently on antibiotics and if that doesn't help then he may have an operation either today or tomorrow. Heather and the baby are at the hospital with Tele.

Please pray for the Moraes family and Tele's speedy recovery.

/EDIT Tele is having the surgery this afternoon.

Tele's surgery went well.
He did have his Gall Bladder removed through lazer surgery. He had a bit of respiration problems afterward but is fine now and is out of the Hospital but still in Recife.

Some of Tele's kids were on their way back to the Alcance Brazil after visiting their father in the hospital when they got into a car accident. A tire came off the vehicle in front of them and hit their car. Everyone is fine and nobody even had a scratch on them. The car had some bad damage in the front but should be fixed. We are thanking God that the accident wasn't bad.

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Brittany Di Salvo said...

Know that you - all of you - are being lifted up in prayer. Miss you, love you, and hope to hear from you sometime soon.