Monday, August 09, 2010

Accident on Father's day

Yesterday was Father’s Day in Brazil and Tele Moraes was the guest preacher at Pauldho Community Church. On his way home a very drunk man walked out in front of his car. The man hit Tele’s windshield on the passenger’s side and was knocked off to the side of the road. The man did not break through the windshield so Tele was not hurt. Tele stopped the car to help the man. The man had a friend with him that was just as intoxicated who was trying to help the recently hit man across the road again. They were able to get the man to the hospital and despite a gash in his head the man is fine. Tele was able to talk to him about Christ and check on him again this morning. When Tele asked him if he was going to stop drinking the man replied, “Are you going to stop driving after this?”
Tele responded, “No, I am going to still drive.”
Then the man said ‘Well, I am not going to stop drinking.”
Tele will be going to visit him this afternoon again try to share the love of Christ Jesus.

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