Sunday, May 17, 2009

1st Annual Women's Conference

Today was the very first women's conference for the community churches of NE Brazil. There were women from all of the community churches attending. It was a big turn out and a very well organized and spirit lead conference.

Here's what Lindsay has to say on the event:
The conference started at 9am with a praise and worship time lead by a mix of women from various community churches. This was the first conference of it's kind for the women of Community Church Brazil. Four keynote speakers lectured on a verity of topics from finances to the historical roll of women in the church. Between speakers we broke off into small group prayer and discussion groups. Kattia Silva (Pastor Ricardo's wife) organized the event brilliantly. She has had a vision for women's ministry of CC Brazil for a long time. This year only women in leadership and pastor's wives were invited to participate, but in the future the event will be opened to all community church women. I left with the other women at 4 feeling uplifted and excited about the future of women's ministry here in Brazil.

To follow up with the conference there will be a women's monthly breakfest on the second to last Saturday of the month, starting next week! Exciting things are ahead for the women of Community Church Brazil!

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