Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pastor Ricardo's Mother Passes away

Pastor Ricardo Silva's mother passed away yesterday. She had diabetes and went into a coma after having to much sugar. She died shortly after going into the coma.
We are unsure if she was a believer. She didn't raise Ricardo and only was with him in his early years. She was living in Lagoa de Itaenga, the same town Ricardo's current church plant is in. Please pray for the family and for Ricardo's step brother who will be living with Ricardo and Kattia now. The step brother is 14 years old. This is a big step for Ricardo's family and is very similar to when Tele brought in Ricardo to his family.

EDIT: It is still unclear if Ricardo's step brother will be living with them. It will be their responsibility to make sure he gets a good education but where he lives will be up to him. There are several relatives that he is going to stay with for a while before he decides.

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