Monday, May 12, 2008

Spotlight: The Community Church of Tracunhanhém

The Community Church of Tracunhanhém has been around for 7 years. It has been a very prosperous Church in attendance and raising God loving people. They have been meeting in a rented building this whole time, which is located on the 2nd floor of a Business. The building only holds about 110 seating people and there is no room for the youth group or a nursery. The Church has only standing room every Sunday and sometimes there isn’t even that room left.

Knowing all of these limitations and understanding that this could harm the work there, the Church decided to search for a land in the city to build a Church to assist their needs, however they didn’t have all of the financial resources for this and in spite of this, they believed that God would supply their needs. In that search they found many places but they always had a negative answer about them. It was very difficult to hear “no” after “no”! They almost lost all hope. It seemed that they never would find the land. It seemed that they should adjust to the limited structure of the building where they were having their meetings. However, to the eyes of God it was not the end and in the year of 2006, when the Municipal City hall of Tracunhanhém, in the Mayoress of the municipal district, knowing their need and recognizing the importance and influence of their Church in the local community, she made a donation of a land of 894 m², downtown – it was a better location than all the lands that they had already consulted. In the donation term there is a clause that determines that the church would have to begin the construction project within two years, in other words, until the end of 2008.

Recently their Council board of elders decided to choose a multifunctional structure for their church building, where they will have a sportive space which will be available to the community and to preach the Gospel for a large number of people. And they will be able to meet for Bible School and each class will have its own space. They hope to give a more comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for their members and visitors.

However, it still remains the challenge of the construction, because they only have this year for it or otherwise they may lose their land. The project they dream of is about 80.000 reais($47,000), which is much more than they are able to rise. And there is still the fact that the initial cost for the acquisition of the prefabricated concrete block structure is of approximately 25.000 reais($15,000), however they have faith that the same God who made great things in the History of His people (Ex. 36.4-7), is the same who is able to make the same today among them.

Will you Join the Community Church of Tracunhanhém in faith by praying for and if God leads, to donate to the Construction of the Church building. They need to Build the prefabricated concrete block structure by December 08, which is about US$15,000 or they will lose the land.
To Donate send a Check made out to World Renewal Intl and Earmarked Brazil
Tracunhanhém Building project.
P.O. Box 399
Greenfield, IN 46140
You can Donate online. (under Description write Brazil
Tracunhanhém Building project.)
Click on the Link HERE to Donate online

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