Monday, August 27, 2007

Pastor Asuério Naque & M.A.S.A.

Post by Steven Turner

I am Steven Turner, field rep from Brazil. I want to thank everyone for their prayers for the summer and the trips. This year I visited Pastor Asuério Naque and his family who are starting a church in Amexias, Brazil. I went to see how he was doing and how we could help. Pastor Asuério's heart’s desire is to return to Africa in 2010. A new mission statement has come out of this summer’s talks and prayers are with him.

“Reaching M.A.S.A. for Christ in 2010”.
Mozambique, Angola and South Africa (MASA) are his target countries.

At this time I will be working on raising Asuério's support to the $1500 a month level. Asuério also needs a sending fund of $20,000 for tickets, house rental, car and household items. People in South Africa get around by car, but I only saw two taxies and two buses in the week I was there in 2006. I also met a great young man who Asuério had led to the Lord during my stay in 2006. Keep praying for Pastor Asuério Naque and his family that God will use them in Amexias to spread the gospel.

If you would like to help financial please send donations to:

World Renewal International
P.O. Box 399 Greenfield IN 46140,
marked for Asuério Naque-Brazil.

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