Sunday, January 07, 2007

2007 News

A total of 30 students are currently enrolled in the International School.

Among the 30 students we have:

a catholic nun’s adopted daughter enrolled.

Jaciel’s brother (a very wealthy Cattle owner) is sending his child.

The owner of the local construction store his sending his children.

When people with a Catholic background come to visit the school now and ask about there religious viewpoints, Tele likes to point out that they have a Catholic nun’s adopted daughter enrolled. The nun took her daughter out of the Catholic school to enroll her in the International School.

The city government of Trancuenahem gave the Community Church there really good Land near the city Government building.

The community Church of Paudalho has been having standing room only church services for the last month.

The Baptist Church in southern Brazil that sponsored the Word of Life Emme group to come to the Northeast is now planning a Short-term missions trip in Jan 08 to build a church. The church that they will be building is The Community Church of Ameixas located in the interior of Northeast Brazil.

Please continue to Pray for the Pastors and staff or World Renewal Brazil as God is truly doing a great work in this region.

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